3 Ways of Enriching Modern Decor with Custom Area Rugs

3 Ways of Enriching Modern Decor with Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs are more than just a place where you can put your feet. As hard flooring has become more and more popular, area rugs have also seen an increase in popularity. Area rugs can be used to tie a look in a room together while accenting the decor in that room.

They can give you that finishing touch that is oh so subtle. Here is a quick look at three ways to enrich the decor in your home by using custom area rugs.

Get a New Look with Small Rugs

Yes, you can use a large rug to tie your room together, but using smaller ones can work to make various sectors or zones in rooms. You can put an area rug in different areas of a room to divide it but you can also use the colors and patterns to accent each other.

For example, in a bedroom where there is a computer desk, you can put one area rug under the chair and desk, one under the bed and another one in front of the dresser. Use different colored rugs that will accent the room’s furnishings.

Use Color to Tie it Together

There simply cannot be enough said about picking the right colors when you are shopping for area rugs. The color of the rug should not be one that will completely blend in with your existing decor.

It needs to have colors that will accent the colors in the decor that is in the room. Permanent decorations should always be accepted because this will mean that each time you decide to redecorate that room, you will not need to go out rug shopping again.

If there are matching hues in your pictures, furniture, lamps and other large items in a room, choose an area rug that has matching hues. When you do this, you will be getting an area rug that will match the room it is meant for while highlighting the existing decor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think Out of the Box

It is commonly thought that area rugs should be either square, oval or round, but this is simply not true. It is true that these shapes will work best in many circumstances but playing with the shapes can give the same room a look that is entirely different.

Abstract shapes will give the room a look that is playful while symmetrical shapes will add a more refined look to the same room. You can experiment by using half circle rugs in your entryway or round rugs in rooms that are square.

Custom area rugs are so versatile that you will be able to get the exact look that you are going for.

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