6 Tips For Learning Coding With No Prior Experience

6 Tips For Learning Coding With No Prior Experience

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For the freelancers, there are various fields which they can choose. But to make more money, one can choose the development filed. A good developer and coder can make passive and active income depending on the products.

If you are one of those who wanted to become a developer, you should learn basic coding. Here are some tips for learning to code with no prior experience.

Basic Concepts First

Before learning how to code, you should learn the basic concepts of the programming. Learn about the basic terminologies. For example, you should know about the variables. You should know what is the syntax, what is data structure and what is the control structure. You should also know about the compilers and any other tools.

Choose the Right Language

You should choose the right language at the first stage. It should be a basic and simple programming language. If you go for Java, C++, PHP or other languages, it would be difficult for you to understand the basic concept.

When I was in school, I started with the BASIC language. Now, Python can be considered as the modern BASIC language to start with.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

You should know why you are going to learn to code? Do you want to develop mobile applications or do you want to develop desktop applications? Or developing responsive websites would be your final goal? Keep your final goal in mind, you should select the language accordingly.

Note: Avoid these 5 mistakes while developing a website.

Hands-On Coding, Not Just Reading

More coding is more learning. If you just read the code in books or on the internet, you will not learn. It is always good to write the code yourself even if it is a simple program.

The more you play with the syntax and language, the more you learn how to code.

Write Code on Paper

This is another great way to learn to code. When you write the code on the paper and try to make the flow chart, you will know your code better. At later stages, if you need to make any change, it would be much easy if you adopt this approach.

Select Best Coding Course

When you know the fundamentals of coding, you can select the best coding course for you. The best coding course will offer you all the basics and advanced training by the experts. While selecting your coding course, again keep your final goal in mind to become a successful freelancer.

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