How Air Pollution is Being Tackled by the Advancement in Technology

How Air Pollution is Being Tackled by the Advancement in Technology

Air Pollution

Air pollution in some of the world’s most populated cities is continuing to be an issue for governments globally. While it’s been on the radar for a while, pollution levels are becoming a major concern as it contributes to further global warming and potentially a health crisis too.

One solution that is possible is through technology. We have seen it contribute for the better in most industries including healthcare and manufacturing. Now it should be time to put this resource to saving the environment too. But how would it be possible?

Here are possible solutions that technology can contribute to the cause.

Electric Vehicles

Air Pollution

Although electric cars have begun to be introduced in the automobile industry, this is yet to be a phenomenon in the mass market. Users continue to purchase diesel and petrol cars which are one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions in the earth’s atmosphere.

The United Kingdom announced they would ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 which shows initiatives are already being taken to reduce emissions on the road. We should expect in the years to come that the use of electric cars will be the norm.

Evaluate Manufacturing Industry

Large factories and industrial buildings are also a common contributor to harmful gases. Polluted fossil fuels are dispersed from them on a daily basis and lead to extremely poor air quality.

One example is sandblasting and shot blasting process which contributes a lot of air pollution. This could be controlled by using the proper equipment and quality shot blasting machine.

The introduction of the turbine and solar energy have been relatively revolutionary in the manufacturing industry, with more choosing to revert to these type of energy sources to power their factories and machines.

Control Systems for Pollution

Air Pollution

Another way that industrial plants and factories are trying to combat air pollution is through air pollution control systems. They essentially act as a filter to remove harmful elements away from the emissions that are being released from the plants. Other forms of air pollution control systems can include odor control and soluble contamination capture and recovery.

Food Packaging

This has become a recent trend with most companies to help the environment. Food packaging and production is one area that the environment could definitely benefit from. The technology used in the development of food packaging has helped to prolong the shelf life of many products.

It uses eco-friendly substances and materials that help to form the packaging for products, which can also be recycled for future use also.

Housing Construction

Construction pollution

There are also ways that technology can help when it comes to housing construction and how homes are made to help benefit the environment. By creating “airtight” homes, it can help to prevent warmth being released in the home, Therefore, state of the art ventilation systems are being used to help regulate the air in homes to prevent warm air escaping.

Houses can also install solar panels to help run the energy in their homes. Even how we personally live can make a big difference in solving air pollution issues for the better.

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