Top 5 Beaches To Visit In or Around Winnipeg

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In or Around Winnipeg

There are a number of stunning beaches located within a short driving distance of Winnipeg. These beaches are perfect for basking in the warm rays of the sun and having a refreshing dip in the water.

Nonetheless, there are five wonderful beaches that may be reached by automobile.

Grand Beach Provincial Park

The route’s length is 86 kilometres from Winnipeg

This beach on Lake Winnipeg is three kilometres long and contains sand that is very fine and white. The beach faces north. Also, it provides a little bit of variety: the east and west sides of the beach are ideal for people-watching, while the sand dunes in the centre of the beach are perfect for hiding from the crowds.

On days when the temperature is particularly high, the weekend crowd could be too much to handle. Prepare your documents so that you can apply for a Canada visa for French citizens and can visit the best in and around Winnipeg.

Patricia Beach Provincial Park

The route’s total length is 68 kilometres

One of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Winnipeg may be found on the east side of the southern basin of the lake, which is the side that is closest to Winnipeg. As a result of the lake’s level being much closer to its long-term average than it is far above that level, there is a lot more water in the body of water this summer.

There aren’t many other facilities available, although there is a food store and a restroom you may use. The encouraging thing is that there is often plenty of space to spread out and relax.

Birds Hill Provincial Park

The route’s total length is 17 kilometres

The artificial lake that is located inside Birds Hill Provincial Park is one of the water features that is located outside the municipal limits that is the simplest to access.

It will take you less time to get here than it would for you to prepare your lunch, despite the fact that the lake is not particularly deep and the beach is often crowded. If you are coming from Germany you should keep your Canada visa for German citizens with you so that you can visit Canada as a tourist.

Winnipeg Beach

The route’s total length is 64 kilometres

The public beach that begins in the Winnipeg Beach neighbourhood and continues all the way to the park of the same name in the province is one of the beaches in the province that has the highest number of visitors. It stretches all the way to the park’s namesake in the province.

This is due in part to its near proximity to Winnipeg, as well as to the numerous tourist-friendly activities that can be found along the promenade that looks out over Lake Winnipeg.

In addition, the area has a rich history dating back to the time of the fur trade. This is the beach that you should go to if you’d rather be with other people than by yourself.

Gimli Beach

The route’s total length is 79 kilometres

Gimli is another well-known beach town that can be found on the beaches of Lake Winnipeg and is located around one hour to the north of Winnipeg.

Because of its vast sandy beach, bustling pier, and several stores and restaurants in the immediate area, it makes for an excellent destination for a day excursion.

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