Best 5 Beaches Near Christchurch To Spend a Day

Best 5 Beaches Near Christchurch To Spend a Day

Closer to the spring months, your summer vacation planning time is drawing near. Canterbury is worth the trip during the warmer months, and Christchurch is a great base for exploring the region. It doesn’t take long to drive from Christchurch’s downtown to one of the city’s many stunning beaches.

Whether you’re like sunbathing or surfing, the beaches in Christchurch and the surrounding region will not disappoint. You may find beaches that are perfect for a game of cricket on the sand, and you can also find beaches that are far from any major metropolitan area.

Let’s take a look at the five best beaches in and near Christchurch to get a jump on your summer holiday preparations.

1. Sumner Beach

Just a short drive to Christchurch, about 15 minutes away. Several people regard Sumner and Scarborough Beaches to be two of the best beaches in the region. There are plenty of people who want to sunbathe or play cricket on the large sandy beach, so it’s not only for swimmers and surfers.

Both of those uses are perfectly appropriate for this item since its versatility is unmatched. The seaside promenade is beautiful if you’re in the mood for a walk, and there are plenty of places to eat and drink if you become thirsty. The beach is readily accessible by vehicle or bus from the central business area (CBD).

2. The New Brighton Beach

While the pier is the primary draw of New Brighton Beach, there is much more to do and see in the area. Although Kite Day in January is usually a big deal, Brighton Beach has a tonne of other activities throughout the year.

Brighton Beach is a family favourite, and there are activities happening all throughout the area every day of the summer. There is a fantastic playground in the area, plus many of restaurants, caf├ęs, and pubs for adults to enjoy.

3. Taylor’s Mistake

A beach with an unorthodox name, but excellent conditions for surfing can be found 25 minutes outside of Christchurch. Residents in the area between Sumner and Scarborough near Godley Head Recreational Reserve have easy access to a facility designed to meet their requirements.

Whether you like jogging, surfing, hiking, or biking, this location has something for you. We found the neighbourhood to be quite welcoming. To visit this beach, which has a unique name, you must have a New Zealand visa for Belgian citizens when you are an international tourist from Belgium.

If you’re working out outside on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than going to a pool to cool down afterwards. The proximity to nearby Sumner Beach means that you can easily combine visits to both beaches into a single-day trip.

4. Corsair Bay

Spending the day at the Lyttleton port is a great alternative if you are in the CBD. If you’re looking for a place to relax with your loved ones after a day of sightseeing in the port town, Corsair Bay is where you want to be.

To sunbathe in comfort and watch the kids splash about in the water, there is a nice grassy space. Pontooning is a fun sport for kids and adults alike and can be seen floating out on the lake. The facilities also include bathrooms and change areas. Being a citizen of France, you can submit an online application to get a New Zealand visa for French citizens.

5. Akaroa Beach

Akaroa, a picturesque village in the Banks Peninsula lowlands, is one of our favourite destinations in all of Canterbury. The beach here is another of Akaroa’s many highlights, but the island is so much more than that.

Some of New Zealand’s most fascinating animals, such as the world’s smallest marine dolphin, the Hector’s Dolphin, call Akaroa home. Stunning beaches aren’t the only reason to visit Akaroa; penguins also call the region home. Visitors to the area won’t be at a loss for things to do.

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