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Animals are one of the most popular attractions, so dolphins are one of the most exciting trips in Sharm El Sheikh, especially for children, and give them joy and joy. It is also an exciting and fun show for adults, which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

These performances offer dolphin acrobatics and dances to the melodies of the music. Dolphins are very intelligent, capable of dancing, dancing, drawing and other skills that amaze spectators, delight adults, and children and draw smiles on everyone’s faces.

Along with the dolphins, there are offers of crocodiles and most dangerous reptiles at the hands of trainers and specialists in this field to alert them, which is very difficult.


– The payments of tourists and visitors will begin to move from the hotels at approximately 2 o’clock to reach Nabq Bay where the offer is.

– Dolphin shows start at 3 pm daily, accommodating approximately 500 people per show.

– It takes about one hour and after the show, you can take the souvenir pictures with the dolphin. One of the things that makes everyone happy is to touch the dolphin and shake it with the pictures.

– More than dolphins and dolphin movements, we can accompany children to swim with dolphins, and the child should wear a special swimming suit with all safety measures with the Dolphin Special Trainer to protect and protect the child.

– After this beautiful trip, we return by bus and private evenings to hotels with an unforgettable anniversary with dolphins.


Sharm el-Sheikh is the only city where dolphin shows are held at Nabq Bay, the “Gharqana” area. The show is one hour long. There are four dolphins in this show with their finest and most skilled trainers to teach, train, care and feed them to be more flexible and in good health.

To enjoy this great offer you must book in advance either by calling your private number or by email.

Dolphin Show Ticket Price:

– The ticket price for adults is 200 Egyptian pounds.

– Entry ticket for children is 100 Egyptian pounds.

– Children under 3 years of age are free of charge.

– The ticket price for adult Arabs is LE 250.

– Admission ticket for Arabs for children is EGP 125.

Dolphin Display Title:

Sheikh Zayed Road – Nabq Bay – Sharm El Shabak

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