Best Budget Storage Servers in 2021 – A Beginners Guide

Best Budget Storage Servers in 2021 – A Beginners Guide

In the age of complete digitization – digital cameras allow us to capture unlimited pictures, PCs and smartphones provide us with huge storage spaces to save files and data, but nothing is infinite. The memory of smartphones or PCs does run out, slow down the processing of machines, and as the last retort of pointing out space is chock-full; it crashes. Here, Storage Serves come into play.

Server, in their core element, is a place to store and access data, at any given time. A PC can hold a server, but it does not operate like one. The storage servers aid numerous tenacity; for a business, it provides them with an option such as an on-site server rather than a cloud-based.

A server’s prime function is to store; equipped with heavy-duty processors boosts efficiency, is less time-consuming, and processes information, fast. Managing information/data, storing, sending/transferring data, and processing it; simultaneously handling operations.

So, a storage server has no competition with that of a PC. A storage server offers several features such as:

  • Scalability: For any business or working environment, requirements evolve daily. Storage servers offer scalability options not merely for the present but also for the future. Data increases at a rapid speed; storage servers are manufactured keeping in the mind the additional need that might arise in the storage section.
  • Processors: Recent storage processors are being manufactured with “dual” processors; two distinct and individual processors to execute operations, rapidly. Servers accept a multitude of instructions and perform actions without delay or any lag. They perform faster and execute instructions quicker and in a better approach than a PC.
  • Component Substitution: The principal reason for having a storage server is the prevention of data loss, slow operations, lags, and substitute-able components. Servers, similar to other devices, can malfunction or break down. Therefore, all the components integrated within a server are swap-able. For example, if there is a power loss, hardware, or storage failure; components can be substituted with a new or refurbished one whilst the PC remains in operation.
  • Storage Redundancy: Storage servers have the feature of storing data in multiple places – if one storage section is corrupted, or faced with data loss; the same data is fetched from another location, instantly. The data/information is never lost; and another reason to have a standalone storage server within a business than to merely rely on a single PC storage.

Apart from the obvious features, the storage server provides explicit characteristics as well: Remote access of data from anywhere, employees working from home can access the servers and work accordingly. Emails, confidential data, and other organizational data remain in a safe and accessible place.

Security is yet another of its characteristics- storage servers provide authentications and user privileges. Employees sharing a peer-to-peer network might face overlapping of work and sharing of data. With encrypted and user privileges; the storage server provides impeccable security to its users.

Best Budget Storage Servers

There are various manufacturers of storage servers; all producing high-tech and quality storage servers, but few top the list compared to the others. The purchase of a storage server depends on the usage, utilization, requirement of memory storage, specifications, and of course pricing. With every manufacturer, there are unique characteristics of each. The search for the best budget storage server is narrowed down to these servers and their manufacturers.

1. Dell

If you are aware of which and what type of storage server is the requirement of your business or organization. Dell offers a wide array of storage servers and their variants. Dell NAS server storage is among the best and top-selling storage server types.

The unique trait of the Dell storage servers is their affordability. All of their storage servers are available in both variants: as a minor and standalone storage server, or a fully configured and aptly-able server providing extraordinary processing power and dynamic storage.

If discussion is about the design, its form factor is made in the form of a tower but is packed with bundles of processing capacity, essential features required from a server. Dell offers economical prices of storage servers and offers scalability options for enterprise organizations. Dell storage servers provide hyper-scale data centers and end-to-end storage solutions. Furthermore, Dell Servers and their variants provide ease of data management, comprehensive storage insights, resilient and robust cloud computing, and processing.

2. Cisco

Another giant in the storage server manufacturing industry. Cisco offers a huge range of storage serves, reliable components with hot-swapping elements, standalone as well as highly configured storage serves that serve an organization’s purpose. Cisco’s infrastructure and architectural framework provide impressive speed, exceptional computational power, and ample storage capacity for data storage.

Cisco’s S-series; storage servers offer many installation options; simple enough for non-technical personnel to install within an organization. Both Dell and Cisco are pioneers of producing premium quality storage servers. Data management and analytics in Cisco delivery with dual-nodes and scalable processors.

3. Lenovo

Where Dell offers a long list of features and characteristics with budget-friendly prices, Lenovo offers several good storage servers for small/medium businesses. Servers provide simplified options and easy installations; unlike Dell storage servers that provide users with a multitude of options and choices. Lenovo provides easy solutions for data storage that fit in both: limited budget and within any environment. It is also proved to be fitting for various roles, flexible with the installations and usage, and manages broad arrays of instructions and processes.

Lenovo’s THINKSERVER storage servers and its versions are best fitted for organizations that are highly driven on data storage and less on processes.

4. HPE

Although there are several leading computer hardware manufacturers in the industry; HPE made a name for itself within the storage servers list. Relatively new compared to others, the HPE storage server provides a thorough solution for the storage predicaments of an organization. The seamless and powerful structure of storage servers sets a high demand, and with full access to the cloud-based infrastructure embedded within servers; HPE offers relatively powerful and in-budget storage servers.

5. Synergy 660

The storage server Synergy 660 is a good server for medium-to-big enterprises. There are various factors on which a storage server cannot be compromised, but there is simply no compromise on the performance factor. Storage servers of HPE are equipped with tech-savvy components, unparalleled processing power, high speed, and have the capabilities to work in harsh environments and heavy-duty applications.

6. Supermicro

Another manufacturer of the best budget storage servers; Supermicro is yet in the easy phase of its storage servers, but the productions created by them have been of the best quality in the budget-friendly sphere. SuperBlade; Although there are numerous options, the SuperBlade of this manufacturer is worth the try and money. There are numerous flexibility options, scalability for future applications, and compact form factor compared to other manufacturers. It has the capability to execute a bulk number of instructions in a small execution time, has tractable workings, and has fine security protocols.

7. Acer

These storage servers offer many attributes including high-density and GPU servers. These storage servers have a user-friendly GUI, huge storage capacity, high performance, accelerated speed, and top-quality components. The scalability of this storage server has seamless expansion without interrupting computer workings.

Acer Aspire EasyStore provides direct attachment and path of data storage and retrieval. The lag is almost negligible and delays are close to zero. The high-end development of this storage server can be witnessed in its form factor, execution speed, instruction performance, and accurate results. The integration of Acer storage servers with any environment is smooth: virtual or physical.

There are abundant storage servers in the market, but the price of it matters. All these above-mentioned storage servers offer every attribute that is a must-to-have in any storage server: speed, computational power, processing speed, storage, and retrieval, hot-swapping components, and an opportunity to have a server, on-site. Requirement matters prior to purchase; thus, the requirement must be in foresight while investing in the storage server.

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