5 Brilliant DIY Bathroom Organizers and Storage Solutions

5 Brilliant DIY Bathroom Organizers and Storage Solutions


In every home, the bathroom is a room that requires more storage space. Unfortunately, most of the bathrooms don’t have enough storage space because contractors or house owners overlook this. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is big or it is a small bathroom, it requires additional storage space with time.

You can increase the storage space and can install the organizers in your bathroom without spending an extra amount of money when you remodel your bathroom. You can find a lot of DIY bathroom organizers for your bathroom. Here you will find a few tips which can be helpful to add a lot more functionality in your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Appliance Storage

You can’t keep the hot curling iron, straightening iron, or the hairdryer in a draw because a hot iron can damage the other accessories in the drawer. You must keep the hot curling iron in a safe place in your bathroom and you can easily create your own bathroom organizer to keep the hot irons.

bath Renovation Company_bath Renovation

You can use a metal file box as an organizer to keep your hot curling irons or the hair dryers. You can hang the metal box easily on any wall, or you can hang it alongside a cabinet.

Bathroom Appliance Storage DIY idea

Bathroom Appliance Storage

2. Free Cabinet Door Storage Bin Plans

If you want to store the bandages, toilet papers, medicine or other things in your bathroom and you don’t have the storage space then you shouldn’t worry about it. You can easily create your own storage bin behind the door of the cabinet.

You just need to take the proper measurements of the cabinet door and the shelves you want to create. If you want to create the storage space in the inner side of the cabinet, then make it sure that there is enough space in the cabinet. Or you can do it yourself on the outer side of the cabinet door. Just make it sure that you use a front pallet to keep different things from falling out.


3. DIY pocket Organizer

A pocket organizer is a must have storage space in any bathroom. If you feel that it doesn’t look cool in the bathroom you can keep it inside any cabinet or the sink cabinet. You can use a┬ásturdy fabric to start with, cut it down according to your requirements and with a pencil, make a few boxes and columns. These columns will be the size of the pockets of organizer.

Take some soft plastic material and cut it into strips. The height should be as per the height of the rows and the lengths of these strips should be one and half times of the width of the fabric.

Now pin the plastic on the fabric and leave a fold as well so that you can put different things in these pockets. After you pinned the plastic properly, now you have to sew it properly. Your pocket organizer is ready to use, just hang it anywhere in the bathroom where you want.

bathroom pocket organizer DIY

4. Cute Personalized Bathroom Shelves

If you have a space on your wall behind the sink or your toilet, you can use it to install different personalized boxes to make the wall beautiful and to keep different bathroom accessories in the boxes. You need a few wooden pallets and paint them with beautiful colors.

Then make equal size of boxes hang these boxes on the wall using nails.


bathroom wall organizers

5. Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack

If you have a habit of reading magazine in the bathroom, then don’t put the magazines on the back of the toilet. You should have a personalized DIY Bathroom magazine rack. It is a super easy DIY project and you can create a beautiful and useful DIY magazine rack with in no time.

If you can color it, it would look great. A wooden bathroom magazine rack would be the best option if you want to pint it. You should install this magazine rack somewhere near the toilet.

Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack

DIY Bathroom Magazine Rack

These are only 5 DIY bathroom organizers that we have discussed here. Keep visiting our blog and we will come back with more ideas of bathroom organizers for your small bathroom to increase the storage space.

If you are not good at DIY projects, then you should at least keep these bathroom organizer ideas and you can ask your bathroom renovation Vancouver company to make these bathroom organizers for you.

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