Where to Buy a Casket: Comparison of Wooden vs. Metal Caskets

Where to Buy a Casket: Comparison of Wooden vs. Metal Caskets

The decision of whether to buy a casket or a coffin is a common one while making arrangements for a deceased loved one’s burial. What exactly is the distinction? While they are functionally equivalent, there are notable distinctions between the two that should be taken into account.

Differences Between a Coffin and a Casket

Let’s start with a definition of each term. In North America, funerals typically involve the use of a casket. A casket is a rectangular coffin or urn used for burial or cremation. It’s usually fashioned out of metal, hardwood, or fiberglass, and it has two lids.

In comparison to coffins, the cost of a casket is typically more due to its higher-end finishes and features like lining and hardware.

A coffin, on the other hand, is a tapered container used for burial or cremation that originated in Europe. Visualize Dracula. It’s commonly constructed from pine or plywood and has six sides. Coffins have a reputation for being more conventional and are frequently linked to funeral practices in Western Europe.

Remember that the final decision of whether to use a casket or a coffin should be based on your own feelings about what is fitting for your loved one. In Canada, neither option is mandated by law. Caskets are more popular than coffins, however, buyers sometimes opt for the latter.

Benefits of Buying a Casket from a Casket Store

One of the many difficult choices that families must make when arranging a funeral is where to buy a casket. Buying a casket from a casket shop provides a number of benefits over buying one from a funeral home, which is where many people first look.

Cost: Funeral businesses typically add a large markup to the price of caskets, making them one of the most expensive parts of a funeral service. A casket shop is a good place to look for a reasonably priced casket that will suit your needs.

Variety: Casket shops typically stock a broader variety of caskets in a variety of materials, designs, and pricing ranges. This can make it simpler to locate a casket that honors the departed person’s final desires and sense of style.

Expert Advice: The knowledge and experience of the staff at a casket company is invaluable when making such an important decision. They may also guide you through the buying process and explain the various alternatives available to you.

Even if it seems natural to buy a coffin from a funeral home, you should weigh your options and look to locate the most affordable one. Buying a coffin from a casket retailer can be a more practical and affordable choice, while still allowing you to choose a casket of suitable quality.

How to Buy a Casket in Vancouver

Direct casket purchases, as opposed to funeral home purchases, are simple and uncomplicated. In doing so, you can cut costs by the hundreds!

  • Choose a casket at one of our showrooms or on the web.
  • Provide your shipping details either online or by phone.
  • The casket vendor will coordinate a delivery time with the funeral home and then appear there to complete the handoff and inspection. If necessary, they can set this up for you within 24 hours after your order.

Wood vs. Metal Caskets

Families often have to decide between a wooden coffin and a metal casket when planning a funeral for a loved one. While all options have their advantages, it’s important to understand the fundamental distinctions between them so that families may make the best decision for their circumstances.

Contemporary and Elegant Design

The aesthetics of caskets made of metal and wood are significantly different from one another. Metal caskets are frequently considered more contemporary and elegant, while wooden ones are more commonly associated with tradition and timelessness.

Anyone planning a funeral for a loved one may find this information useful when deciding on a coffin that best captures their loved one’s personality or complements the ceremony’s aesthetic goals.

Durability of Casket

The longevity of metal caskets is a significant contrast to wooden ones. Metal caskets, such as those made of steel or bronze, are more long-lasting than wooden ones since these materials do not rot or degrade.

Because of this, families that want a coffin that will last for generations without rusting or corroding should consider purchasing a metal casket.

Cost of the Casket

Metal caskets can cost up to two to three times as much as their wooden counterparts. This is because they use higher-priced components and feature more sophisticated construction.

Yet, it is crucial for families to remember that the price of a casket is only a fraction of the total expense of a funeral.


The environmental impact of caskets made of wood and those made of metal is another major distinction between the two. Hardwood coffins are typically considered more eco-friendly than metal or plastic ones. Because trees are used to create them, and over time, the caskets themselves can decompose.

However, metal caskets do not decompose. Depending on the materials used, they might have a greater negative impact on the environment.

The final decision between a wooden and metal casket will be influenced by several aspects. Such as the deceased’s wishes, the family’s finances, and any environmental concerns they may have.

Families should take their time to weigh all of these considerations. Then talk them over with a trusted advisor like a funeral director before making a final decision.

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