Campgrounds near Mumbai that Offer a Break from the City

Campgrounds near Mumbai that Offer a Break from the City

Cities are full of people from all walks of life who are hustling and bustling to achieve their goals, both professionally and personally. It’s easy to get swept up in the frenetic energy of Mumbai. Even if you wanted to slow down, you couldn’t.

Just like in an offbeat Bollywood film, life in Mumbai is nonstop hustle and bustle, from the overcrowded buses and metro to the offices, the busy streets, and the cramped apartments.

Here are some of the best campgrounds near Mumbai in remote areas that offer a break from the city. These campsites are best for a romantic or adventurous camp night.

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Hills of Yeoor

Yeoor Hills, also called the Thane hill station, is located within the renowned Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Mumbai residents frequently make the trip here to relax and unwind away from the city. Keep your Indian visa for Belgian citizens when traveling to India.

You can camp near Upvan Lake, learn about trees, listen to birds, enjoy a short picnic, and go for a hike, all while spending quality time in nature. You can spend some time getting to know the locals in the nearby traditional villages while also becoming familiar with the park’s flora and fauna.


There is no better place than Uttan for a romantic camping trip close to Mumbai. North of Mumbai, on Gorai Beach, you’ll find this charming little coastal town that’s ideal for a couple’s weekend getaway. You won’t soon forget the unforgettable seafood you ate there either.

It’s the kind of thing you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your life if you and your significant other go camping under the stars and listen to a band play all your favorite songs.

Camping on Gorai beach also affords you the opportunity to explore the nearby fishing village and soak up some authentic Goan culture. This coastal town is surrounded by thick forests, has pleasant weather year-round, and is generally a great place to relax.


Got sick of staring at spreadsheets and people all week long? Instead of going out this weekend, how about you go and observe some birds? All birdwatchers who have the time and skill to visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary will not be disappointed.

Over 222 species of birds, including permanent residents, migratory breeders, and transiting birds, call this sanctuary home. While out and about with binoculars, you’re likely to see pigeons, small sunbirds, pigeons of various species, and Malabar parakeets. Some uncommon species, such as the Three-toed Kingfisher, may also make an appearance.

More than a hundred different kinds of butterflies have made the sanctuary their home as well. Just picture a morning awakening to the sounds of chirping birds and the sight of brilliant butterflies getting ready for the day.

It gives you renewed energy and confidence to take on whatever challenges lie ahead. An Indian visa for Austrian citizens is a must-have document when you are moving in India.

Every camper on this route should stop by the Karnala Fort as well as the nearby bird sanctuary. The trip to the fort’s ruins is an adventure in and of itself. During the monsoons, the ground becomes a verdant green carpet of grass and vegetation.

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