Canadian Visa Requirements for Citizens of Belgium

Canadian Visa Requirements for Citizens of Belgium

Citizens of Belgium do not need a visa to visit Canada as tourists, as do many other nationalities. Because you’re a Belgian citizen, you don’t need a visa to travel. Prior to travel, you must apply for a Canada ETA, which iVisa may provide in as little as 30 minutes.

But remember that, eTA is valid for the short term. If you want to stay in Canada for a long time, then you need to get your Canada visa for Belgian citizens.

What are the requirements for citizens of Belgium to obtain a Canadian ETA?

Meeting the requirements is one of the few things you don’t have to worry about. Easy-to-obtain products make up the bulk of the list. During the online application procedure, iVisa will ask for the following:

A valid passport is a requirement for submitting an application for a Canada ETA. That’s not all, either. Passport expiration dates must be checked before applying for an ETA because the travel document must be valid at least six months after you arrive in Canada.

Because the ETA confirmation is given in PDF form through e-mail, you must supply an accurate e-mail address. In spite of the fact that you can have an ETA electronically connected to your passport, most people still choose to print one out just in case.

Payment options – submitting an application online necessitates making a corresponding payment online. In order to do so, you must have a working form of payment.

In addition to credit and debit cards, PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat are all accepted by iVisa. Whichever option works best for you.

What are the iVisa Charges for Canada?

A processing time will be requested for your application. How much your Canada ETA will cost is entirely up to you. It’s up to you which choice you make.

If time is not a problem, you can go with the cheapest and slowest option you have available to you. This option expedites the processing of your Canada ETA application by 24 hours and costs USD 22.30.

Rush processing – if you need your Canada ETA in a hurry, this option is for you. It’s a touch more expensive, however. Please note that you will be charged $55.30.

You can apply for a Canada ETA while driving to the airport if you select this option. Within 30 minutes, your application is processed and you are charged USD 69.80.

How to Use iVisa Online Form

You can then proceed to fill out the application form once you have all of the above. iVisa’s customer service is available by phone or online chat if you need assistance at any time. The service is completely free and accessible at all times.

You’ll see that iVisa simplified the process by dividing it into three simple phases. Check this Canada visa application process.

First, you’ll need to provide your personal information, such as your name and address. Passport information and information about your vacation are also needed. Please note that there are three processing times to choose from.

You’ll need to pay the fee and make sure your form is error-free when you get to step two. When you go to step three, you’ll be asked to upload your application’s supporting documents. iVisa will take care of the rest when you’ve completed your application.

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