5 Natural and Quick DIY Cleaning Hacks

5 Natural and Quick DIY Cleaning Hacks

How frequently we should do the house cleaning is completely depends on the lifestyle we have. Some people would need to hire a professional housekeeping service more than other people just because of the different lifestyles.

When you don’t keep things clean, you would need to hire the cleaning service earlier than expected. But if you take care of little cleaning tasks then you can save a lot of money and also you can keep your house safe and clean.

Natural Quick DIY Cleaning Hacks

Here are 5 natural and quick DIY house cleaning hacks:

1. Cleaning stainless steel Olive oil

Olive oil is commonly known for its great nutritional benefits but only a few people know that it is also good for cleaning stainless steel. You can use a soft cloth, put a little olive oil on it and then rub it on pots, pans or other kitchens/home appliances. It will help in removing dirty spots, especially in food-based spots.

2. Use Vodka For Carpet Cleaning

You can use white wine or clean vodka to remove the stains from your carpet. Vodka has great cleaning benefits which make it good for carpet cleaning. You can spray some amount of vodka on the stain and then gently rub that with a clean soft cloth.

3. Use Shaving Cream To Eliminate Water Stains

Yes, that might be shocking for you as you would never think that shaving cream could also be used for cleaning the stains. Put the shaving cream on the shower glass and wait for 15 minutes. Then remove the cream and you will see that water stains are gone.

Check this guide to deal with water damage problems.

4. Use Baking Soda to Clean Bath Tub

If you want a shining bathtub, then add half a cup of baking soda into half water and then add one cup of vinegar. Mix this solution and then pour into the tub that should have no water. Wait for 5 minutes and then fill the tub with additional hot water for one quarter. Again wait for 5 minutes and then open the drain. Rinse properly and now you have a clean and shining bathtub.cl

Here you can find more tips to clean your bathroom base and marble stains.

5. Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hairs

When your vacuum cleaner can’t remove all the pet hairs from the carpet, you can use rubber gloves to remove the pet hairs. When you rub the rubber gloves on the fabric, it will generate elasticity, and pet hairs will stick to the gloves. Wash the gloves with water to unstick the pet hairs.


I hope that these cleaning hacks will work for you and will be beneficial in the hard time as well.

These 5 simple cleaning hacks will help you clean your home on daily basis. But for proper cleaning, you should hire City Housekeeping once a year if not twice.

This will be good to get proper cleaning of your house and a professional housekeeping service like City housekeeping will help you in cleaning those areas as well which are difficult to reach.

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