Evening Desert Safari – Relish An Epic Adventure Tale

Evening Desert Safari – Relish An Epic Adventure Tale

The quintessential desert of Dubai is the ultimate stopover for the adventurists. It keeps a plethora of opportunities where they can fulfil their wildest dreams. There are many firms that offer visits to evening desert safari Dubai during different times of the day.

Out of those we hooked up on Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who offered us an evening desert safari. They featured this expedition upon getting informed about our budget and stay in Dubai. 

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An evening desert safari is a six hours tour of the conservation reserve of Dubai. There you can experience dune bashing, sandboarding, and other desert sports. You can also indulge in cultural activities, live shows, and countless reasons to stay high! 

Give it a read and get to know what perks and bounties you can avail of in an evening expedition to the Arabian dunes.

Evening Desert Safari – Terrain at its Utmost Beauty

1.    Reaching the Terrain

A standard evening tour begins an hour or two before the sunset with a pickup. The goal is to save the precious sunset hours in order to enjoy them on the dunes. We were picked up from our hotel in Dubai in a 4×4 offroad vehicle. The skilled driver from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC carried us all the way to the majestic desert within half an hour. You can also avail of their bus services or self-driven deals. 

2.    Camel Safari

A camel safari directly related to this outlandish expedition. The farthest boundaries of a desert can be easily covered from over the camel’s hump. If you want to explore the Arabian terrain, you need to grab a camel or become a part of the camel caravans. These caravans take the travellers across the high dunes away from the murmurs of campsites where they can discover the unseen. Observing the sound contour drowned is mysticism by opting for a camel ride at desert safari Dubai during the sunset hours. 

3.    Dune Bashing

The popular dune activity, dune bashing, takes place in furious vehicles. These vehicles keep hitting the reddening dunes all day, even in the twilight. The best part of getting into these SUVs in an evening tour is that you experience the thrill in the dramatic background of the setting sun. 

We had a crazy dune bashing ride in a Nissan Patrol along with our tour guide from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The skilled driver crossed the terrain in the furious 4×4 showing his outstanding manoeuvres. Even our insane screams couldn’t distract him!

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4.    Sand Ski

Cuddling in the velvety soft sand particles is a pretty amusing activity especially for kids. Have a blast in the dune arena by strapping your feet on a sandboard. It’s all about maintaining your balance. Once you get the catch, you can jump off of the high dunes on your sandboard. Don’t miss out on this enticing terrain activity if you love to surf the surfaces.

5.  Sunset Hues

Nature-lovers prioritize the evening desert tour so that they can soak up in the sunset hues at the most alluring location. The setting sun turns the whole terrain into a utopia. The transitioning hues of sundown on the little peaks and ripples make the whole desert a perfectly picturesque spot. Right at this moment, the photographer from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC clicked some amazing photos of us to lock the epic moment.

The bewitching beauty of the Arabian dunes hums a pleasing melody during sundown. And if you want to witness it, an evening expedition is the exclusive way!

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6.  Alluring Camps

The resting camps depict the heritage of Arabia in utmost elegance. The lovely display of the Arabian culture pleases the guests as they enter these Bedouin-themed camps. The camps were efficiently pitched by the hosts. Our tour guides from Happy Adventures Tourism escorted us to one of those alluring camps. Outside those camps, there are exciting activities going on. These include Henna painting, Arabian outfitting, falconry, and shisha smoking. 

Women and kids wholeheartedly take part in henna painting. While men engage themselves in trying the famous Arabian Kandouras. They love to capture their swaggy photos with the falcon birds.

7. BBQ and Buffet

The BBQ and buffet station offers buffoonery in the middle of a nomadic arena. There are plenty of luscious food items to engulf at the buffet station. We had unlimited and free access to refreshing soft drinks, mocktails, and mineral water. The luscious dinner includes various Arabian cuisines including charcoal roasted meat, kebabs, sauteed veggies, and a long menu. 

The menu also highlights famous continental and international dishes cooked with tempting flavours. The locals offer Arabian “Gahwa” with a platter full of dates to their guests. Its sips in the scenic landscapes were so refreshing to consume. This represents the admirable hospitality of Arabs & reflects their animated tradition.

8.  Entertainment Fest

Another perk of opting for an evening desert tour is that you can witness the vibrancy of the Arabian culture. There is the live depiction of the mystic Tanoura dance, Belly dance, fire dance, and many other solos and group performances. 

The Tanoura dance is performed by the dervishes in colourful long dresses. They inspire the audience with their spin dance which represents Sufism. Then the belly dancers throw a stunning belly dance show with their amazing flex in Arabian dresses. Firemen portray the fire ring stunts which are quite astonishing. 

Zumba, sword dance, stickman show, and Khaleej dance are other faces of the enlivened Arabian culture.


These were highlights of our sublime sunset desert tour in Dubai with Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The amazing team did a remarkable job in making our venture in the wild worth cherishing. They offer a wide range of attractions to cover with equal opportunities to get into the terrain activities. 

The Emirati heritage land welcomes the voyagers to come and explore its infinite happenings. Among all your exciting ventures in Dubai, a desert safari will occupy a separate place in your everlasting memories. 

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