4 Important Factors That Affects SEO Rankings

4 Important Factors That Affects SEO Rankings

SEO Rankings

In this article, we are going to talk about the 4 most important factors that affect the SEO rankings of your website. The thing that you should remember, is that SEO keeps changing according to the latest Google algorithms. So, if you wanted to optimize your website, you must consult an SEO expert.

Let’s talk about the 4 most important factors that affect SEO Rankings:

Page Speed or Load Time

According to a number of SEO experts, the page speed of a website has a significant effect on the search engine rankings. The higher the page speed, the lower will be the loading time of a website.

Various surveys have shown that visitors wait only for 4 to 5 seconds to get the page loaded. If it takes a longer time, they would click on another search result and close the slower site.

There are various factors that affect the page speed as well, like image optimization, service speed, efficient scripting, and many more.

Mobile Friendliness

Easy access to the Smartphone and high-speed internet has made it easy to browse the web on mobile. That is why you can note that most of your website traffic is from mobile devices.

Keeping this in mind, Google gives importance to the mobile-friendliness of the website. Since more users are accessing the website on mobile devices, so it should be compatible with mobile and should have high speed on mobile as well.

Avoid these 5 mistakes while developing a website and learn how to make your website mobile-friendliness to get 1 step closer to the top page rankings.

SEO Optimized Content

Everyone knows about this factor and everyone knows how important it is to optimize the content on a website. When we say optimized content, it doesn’t mean highly keywords stuffed content.

A few years ago people use the keyword in the content without any reason just to increase the keyword density up to 6 to 7%. But now, Google just hates this strategy. You don’t need to stuff the keyword in content without any purpose.

Just write to the point informative and engaging content and use the keywords when required. 1% to 2% keyword density is enough if your article has good information. Include a few variations of the main keywords as well. It will help in getting top page rankings with different keywords.

Also, make sure to use proper headings and alt tags for images. In some cases, if your content is well optimized, you can achieve top page ranking without any backlinks.

Quality of Backlinks

Now, blackhat SEO will not work. You can’t get the top page rankings by creating thousands of links from irrelevant and low-quality websites. It’s quality that matters not quantity.

So always focus to get the backlinks from relevant websites and from high authority websites. You can try to find websites that accept quality content from the guest authors.

There are many sites that accept guest posts if the content is good. So try to find such websites and provide high quality informative and relevant content to get a link back to your site, so that it can help both parties.

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