Fat Burning Exercises at Home For Housewives to Stay Healthy

Fat Burning Exercises at Home For Housewives to Stay Healthy

Every single bite of food we eat affects our bodies. Our body needs a proper array of nutrients in a balanced form. When we develop poor eating habits and take improper diet problems to arise. The major problem seen due to poor eating habits is obesity. Now day’s number of people suffers from obesity.

Fat Burning Exercises for Housewives

Every second person in the society is using different ways such as dieting etc in order to overcome obesity. In spite of dieting, there is also another way of effective weight control and that is daily exercise.

Metabolism Of Fats

Fats are one of the basic requirements of our body. Fats give double the amount of energy as carbohydrates and proteins. In the case of excess intake of fats, the excess fats are stored by the body in adipose tissues and abdominal regions.

Once fats are stored it is difficult to utilize them as fats metabolism is a complicated process. In our body fats are digested in the small intestine. Bile juices excrete from the liver emulsifies fats and enzymes like lipases acts on fats and turn it into chylomicrons.

These chylomicrons are transformed by the liver into useful compounds and then these compounds are poured into the blood where they reach their target area. Hence in order to burn fats, we need an efficient digestive system.


Exercise plays an important role in the weight loss and fitness of any person. Daily workout in the form of fat burning exercises increases your energy demand. In order to fulfill this energy demand powerhouse of your body mitochondria starts utilizing fats in order to obtain energy. Moreover, exercise reduces the cholesterol level of blood to n appreciable extent.

Exercise at home

When you exercise your rate of metabolism is accelerated .the food you eat is rapidly digested. Moreover, the exercise burns your calories. The extent of calorie burn depends upon the intensity and duration of the exercise.

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Fat Burning Exercises

Most people have not enough time to join a gym. Such people can try different easy fat burning exercises at home which can burn their body fats appreciably. These exercises include:Fat Burning Exercises

  • Step Aerobics: this exercise reduces the weight around the hip portion and legs. Doing step aerobics for an hour helps a 140lb person in burning approximately 502 calories.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling for an hour burn 236 calories approximately.
  • Rowing: Rowing for an hour burn 207 calories approximately.
  • Sprinting: Sprinting not only burn calories but also increases the rate of your metabolism.
  • Running: Running also helps in burning calories and body fats and keeps leg and arm muscles fir and tuned.
  • Sports Activities: Involving yourself in sports activities such as wallyball, basketball, golf, and football helps you a lot in burning body fats.

In addition to these walking, swimming, general aerobics also help you to burn body fats. These exercises are easy to do. Also, don’t forget to check these 3 ways about how to lose weight without going to the gym.

Exercise keeps you healthy as regular exercise maintains your cholesterol level, increases your immunity against diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and especially rally round in overcoming weight loss by burning body fats.

So no matter if you are a housewife or a student or an office going person, give time to yourself and start doing these exercises at home. You will definitely get success in burning body fats.

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