6 Food Trucks in Bengaluru That Will Amaze You With Local Food

6 Food Trucks in Bengaluru That Will Amaze You With Local Food

When the notion of food trucks was first introduced in Texas, it ushered in a new era of cuisine. It was an instant hit with the public and spread vigorously across the United States. We Indians, inspired by this novel approach to street food, just had to give it a shot.

Food trucks have recently made their way onto the streets of India’s major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

Bangalore’s Best Food Trucks

Check out these Bengaluru food trucks, which have been winning over customers’ hearts and stomachs, to get a taste of the city’s enticing new street food craze.

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1. The Great Bhukkad Indian Food Truck

Need to satisfy your Chinese cuisine craving without stopping? You can put an end to your hungry aches by visiting The Great Indian Bhukkad food truck.

Indulge in some delectable dishes that combine the best of Chinese and North Indian cooking, and you’ll have more than one reason to return. Rajma and Manchurian fans can unite at this food truck!

2. Square Ruth

You won’t be able to resist this food truck and its tempting array of hot, freshly prepared appetizers. Everything your stomach and sweet tooth want may be found at the counter of this four-wheeler.

Their sunny-side-up eggs and pancakes, at the very least, will elevate your morning. Follow this guide when applying for an Indian visa for Azerbijan citizens.

3. Foaodip

Good for those times when you just want something quick and Indian. There’s a wide variety of delicious chaats and parathas to choose from. Proof positive of their deshi-ness is the punny naming of the culinary categories after popular Bollywood films.

Both flavor and cleanliness are prioritized in the preparation of all of the food.

4. The SWAT Truck

This food truck is well-known in its industry as the pioneer of India’s modern, innovative cuisine. SWAT is an acronym for “Serving With A Twist,” which describes the unconventional approach taken by the chefs in preparing the food served here.

The American Curbside Gourmet is a must-try if you want to experience true American hospitality for your next meal. In case that isn’t enough to sway your opinion, you should know that The SWAT food truck was named the runner-up for the Best Burgers in Bangalore at the 2015 Burger Riot.

5. The Spitfire Barbecue Truck

Spitfire Barbecue Truck serves up authentic New York fare. The name of this food truck is appropriately descriptive of the deliciousness of the food served there.

The clever tagline for this mobile eatery is “it’s no sin to get sauce on your chin.” Hot and spicy like a New York City street, their hot dogs will transport you there.

6. Just Bake Dessert Mobile

Just give them a call if you want to throw a party for someone’s birthday, farewell, or any other occasion that calls for cake or other desserts, and they’ll help you plan something special and delicious that everyone will love.

With such a large selection, you’ll never get bored with cakes and will want to sample them all. Each event has its own special dessert, decorated to match the occasion.

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