Hill Stations Across India That Can Be Reached By Train

Hill Stations Across India That Can Be Reached By Train

These are India’s five most beautiful hill stations that are accessible by train. The following is a list of the top five destinations in India that can be reached by train, including popular hill stations that are accessible from Delhi by train.

Kalka Shimla

Between the hill stations of Kalka and Shimla, the Kalka–Shimla Railway operates. The length of the railway line is 95.66 kilometers (59.44 miles), and its gauge is a narrow 2 feet 6 inches (762 mm). The Kalka–Shimla Railway contains 864 bridges and 103 tunnels.

One of the bridges has a span of 18.29 meters (60.0 feet) and is constructed out of plate girders as well as steel trusses. The majority of the bridges have many arches, which is reminiscent of the aqueducts that were used in Ancient Rome.

The Barog Tunnel having No. 33 runs between Dagshai and Solan and has a length of 1,144 meters (3,753 feet), is the line’s longest tunnel by a considerable margin.

Famous Railway Company, The Delhi–Ambala–Kalka, began construction of the railway line in the Siwalik Hills in 1898 and did not finish the project until 1903.

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Nilgiri Mountains Railway

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway of meter gauge single-line type railway that spans a distance of approximately 29 miles (46 kilometers). Mettupalayam, a town, and Udagamandalam, a hill station, are both connected by this road, which is 46 kilometers (29 miles) long (Ootacamund).

The path can be found in the state of Tamil Nadu and it covers the Nilgiri Hills area, which is sometimes referred to as Southern India’s Blue Mountains.

The line has 16 tunnels, 208 curves, and 250 bridges, which is why the uphill portion of the travel along the route takes around 290 minutes (4.8 hours), whereas the descending portion of the journey only takes 215 minutes (3.6 h).

Rack and pinion technology is used on the line’s oldest and steepest track, which is one of the reasons why the line is still in full service. This is one of the route’s distinctive characteristics.

At the moment, the line travels for a distance of 7.2 kilometers (4.5 miles), along Kallar’s foothill station, which is where the rack rail segment starts. At the Coonoor railway station, the rack rail section comes to an end.

The length of 97 meters is covered by the passageway which is the longest in this segment (318 ft).

The sole rack railway in India is the Nilgiri, and it has an Abt rack system. The utilization of specialized steam locomotives is required for the ABT system.

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Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The distance between Darjeeling and Siliguri is around 88 kilometers (55 miles), and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, sometimes known as “the Toy Train,” is a narrow-gauge railway that measures 610 millimeters (2 feet) in width.

The elevation of the route begins at 100 meters (330 feet) in Siliguri and goes up to around 2,200 meters (7,200 feet) in Darjeeling. Indian Railways is the company that operates the route. Ghoom station sits at 2,300 meters, which is the highest point (7,500 ft).

The railway is renowned for having 4 loops (spirals) and four ‘Z’ reverses (zigzags), as well as its signs positioned at strategic vantage points, identifying sites with titles such as “Agony Point” and “Sensation Corner.”

Spirals, which are located on steep peaks and offer breathtaking vistas of the valleys below, are still another feature.

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