What is Holi: A Festival of Colors Celebrated in India

What is Holi: A Festival of Colors Celebrated in India


India is a country, which consists of different states and cultures. People from different religions live there and they celebrate their religious festivals with enthusiasm.

Holi is such a festival which is one of the major festivals of India. Hindus from all the parts and stats of India celebrate this event with their own style. Different cultures and different sects of Hindus celebrate Holi festival in their own style. But the spirit of Holi remains the same no matter where they are celebrating the Holi festival.

This Holi event is celebrated at the end of February or the starting of March each year. Hindus celebrate this festival by throwing colorful powder or a liquid of different colors on their friends and family members and enjoy the event.

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This colorful powder is also called Holi powder. The event is celebrated in the honor of Lord Krishna which is one of the mightiest lords in Hindu religion.

Not only in India, but this event is also being celebrated in other parts of the world such as different Asian countries and the Europeans countries as well where the Indian community, especially Hindus are living.

Also, during the event of Holi, people in India who don’t even know each other enjoy together in public places. They meet each other and throw the Holi powder to celebrate this event.

holi festival girls

With this colorful Holi powder, people also use some other accessories. Like they use water guns, which are also called Holi cannons to throw the colorful liquid on other people from a distant.

While celebrating this event, people also use to wear the glasses to avoid the powder from entering into the eyes which could be harmful to the eyes.

This event should be celebrated with the religious and spiritual enthusiasm, and people should be careful while celebrating the event and they should now spoil this event by drinking alcohol or Bhang in excess which could spoil the event for many people.

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