How to Clean Bathroom and Carpets with Soft Drinks – DIY Tips

How to Clean Bathroom and Carpets with Soft Drinks – DIY Tips


How to use Pelletizing Granules:

The ingredients:

  • Pelletizing granules.
  • Boiling water.


  1. Two large spoonfuls are poured into the drain holes in the drain.
  2. Then a cup of boiled water is poured and waits a minute.
  3. Pour boiling water and wait for half an hour to remove the clog.
  4. The running water is opened to make sure that the sink is blocked.
  5. Be careful to follow the instructions carefully written on the product, each product is different from the other in the way of use.

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How to use wallpaper installed on ceramic:

  • You can install the wallpaper on the ceramic but follow the correct steps.
  • Fill the gaps between the ceramic and the paste.
  • The surface is well balanced and the ceramic is then ready to install the wallpaper.

A swimming pool cleaning company in Jeddah explains the removal of the wallpaper on the oil painting:

  • Paint the walls with a layer of putty before placing the wallpaper sticker.
  • The walls are painted with a plastic layer for it contributes to the adhesion of the wallpaper well.

The features of the ceramic sticker:

  1. There are many wonderful designs that give the same effect and inspiration to the wallpaper.
  2. Easy paste and can paste it yourself.
  3. Fits all rooms but taking into account the appropriate design.
  4. Easy to clean and washable.
  5. Does not cause any damage to ceramics and walls.

Explains To You Does Fit Kitchen Wallpaper:

  • Yes, there are many types of wallpaper suitable for kitchens.
  • Check the selection of high quality and water-resistant types.
  • There are many distinct and exquisite designs that give your kitchen a distinctive decor.
  • Kitchen wallpaper features are easy to clean.
  • It must be glued well so as not to break apart and exposed to the emergence of bubbles.
  • Can be changed and renewed.
  • The lower limbs may be disassembled when rinsing the flooring, so care must be taken.

Kitchen Wallpaper:

  • There are many types of kitchen wallpapers of high quality and at varying prices.
  • There are also many exquisite designs that give the kitchen a decorative and elegant design.

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How to clean sewer pipes:

Bicarbonate drainage pipes:


  • Half a cup of sodium bicarbonate.
  • Half cup vinegar.
  • Food salt.
  • Boiling water.


  • Prepare half a cup of sodium bicarbonate and pour it into the flakes.
  • Then pour half a cup of vinegar and a generous amount of table salt over the bicarbonate.
  • Leave ingredients for at least 15 minutes.
  • Then put a large amount of water on the fire to boiling and poured in the sinks and basins to get rid of clogging.

How to clean carpets with soft drinks:

  • Place little water on the carpet and leave for minutes.
  • The carpet is then dried with a cotton towel.

Carpet cleaning method:

Cleaning steam is one of the most effective ways of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing. You can clean the carpet by steam at home or through a specialized company.

  1. Before you start cleaning carpets with steam, wear real-life clothing to protect against steam burns.
  2. Follow the instructions and instructions for the steam used.
  3. Buying a steam appliance is available in many electrical appliances stores
  4. Installation of the appropriate piece to clean the carpets with steam It contains many pieces that work on cleaning the entire house.
  5. Steam is supplied with water that will be turned into steam in a few minutes.
  6. The carpet is cleaned with steam until complete cleaning.

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Method of Cleaning Marble Black Kitchen:

The ingredients :

  • White vinegar.
  • Liquid cleaner.
  • Warm water.
  • Food salt.
  • Oil.
  • Soft brush.
  • Soft fiber.
  • Soft towels.


  1. Prepare a mixture of liquid detergent and a little white vinegar, lukewarm water, and soft lupa.
  2. Then sprinkle the amount of salt table on the entire black marble.
  3. Soft loofah is dipped in vinegar mix and cleanser then rub the black marble with lava and salt the food.
  4. The effects of salt are wiped with a soft, clean towel.
  5. Then rub the black marbles with the mixture, which is prepared from the vinegar and the cleaner and rub the corners using a small soft brush.
  6. The marble is cleaned with a soft, clean towel, then rinsed with water, the marble is cleaned again and it is repeated to completely remove the vinegar and cleaner effects.
  7. The kitchen marble is dried with a soft, dry, clean towel.
  8. Then polishing the marble black kitchen using cotton with a point of oil and rub the marble in the presence of oil is visible on the marble is wiped with a soft and dry towel.

DIY Sewer Clearance

Now, if we talk about sewer cleaning, then understand one thing that sewer clearance is no possible to do it without the help of an expert contractor. Never think of doing it yourself otherwise you might end up adding extra repairing work along with the sewer clearance.

If you see any blocking, or any thing that needs the attention, your job is to call an expert and inform him about the possible problem. Then hire him for the repairing or cleaning work.

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