How to Measure Bra Size UK & EU? Importance of Right Bra Size

How to Measure Bra Size UK & EU? Importance of Right Bra Size

It is very important to wear a bra for every girl because it is more graceful and it gives more confidence to every girl. It is also important to wear bras so that they can wear different types of dresses with freedom. While every girl wears bra, most of them don’t know how to measure bra size correctly.

Only wearing a bra is not enough. One needs to wear the right size of bra that can provide proper support and can make a good shape. There are many advantages of wearing the right size of the Bra and a lot of disadvantages of wearing the wrong size of the Bra.

Why It is Important To Wear Correct Bra Size?

For any woman or a girl, it is important to wear the correct bra size. If you wear the wrong bra you would face not only embarrassment in the public but it will also affect your health.

Here are some simple reasons why it is important to wear the correct bra size:

Bad Fitted Dress

When you wear the wrong sized bra, you won’t be able to get the proper fitting of your dress. A woman’s dress that is not properly fit from the chest looks bad.

Every girl and woman wants to have a beautiful fitting and nice cleavage shape which is not possible to get while wearing the wrong size bra.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Women with bigger breasts need extra support to lift their breasts. When they wear the wrong size of bra they don’t get the proper support that causes an extra burden on their shoulders.

It can cause shoulder pain and even girls wearing the wrong size bra can feel neck pain as well. So, if you want to feel comfortable you need to wear the right size bra.

Saggy Breasts

Here experts have the opposite opinion. Some doctors say that wearing the wrong size bra won’t cause breasts to sag. They argue that breast tissues have different strengths in different girls and these tissues are responsible for sagging breasts or firm breasts.

Whereas, others say that if girls start wearing the right size of bra right from the beginning, they can get firm breasts. So, they also have an opinion that wearing the wrong size bra can cause saggy breasts.

How often you should measure the Bra size?

Well, there is no hard rule for that. Whenever you feel that your current bra is not comfortable, it is loose or stretching, or whenever you feel some shoulder, neck, or back pain, you should measure your bra size again.

According to different doctors, there are hormonal changes in young girls, so they should measure the bra size every 6 to 12 months.

Whereas, married women, should measure the bra size again when they are pregnant. A pregnant woman gains extra weight every month that changes their bra size as well. So, the bra size of a pregnant woman can change many times during each trimester of pregnancy.

After she gave birth to a child, she should measure the bra size again to get the correct measurement.

Those girls and women who started the keto diet and gym workout should also measure the bra size when they feel that they lose some fat and weight.

Measure Bra Size UK, US, or Europe? 

How to Measure Bra Size UK

Some girls ask how to measure bra size in UK, US, or European standards. They want to know if there is any difference between bra size in UK and bra size in the US? Or what is the difference between Bra size in Europe with the bra size in the UK?

Well, you should not worry about how to measure bra size in UK or US standards. The method to take the measurement of correct bra size is the same in every standard.

The US standard and the UK standard are the same to measure the bra size. Whereas according to the European standard, they measure in centimeters whereas US and UK standards measure the bra size in inches.

Based on this difference, in European standards, you need to calculate the band size and cup size with a different formula.

We will discuss how to measure bra size in the UK and how to measure Bra size in Europe in detail. Just keep reading this post.

How to Measure Bra Size at Home?

It is very easy to measure bra size at home if you have a measurement tape. Basically, you should know two measurements to select the right bra for you.

One is the band size, and the other is the cup size. But to get these two measurements correctly, you need to follow the easy procedure of measuring the correct bra size in 4 easy steps.

How to Measure Bra Size UK or US?

The procedure will be the same for measuring the bra size in Europe, with the difference that you are calculating in inches while measuring bra size in UK or US.

Note: Don’t measure the bra size when you are wearing full clothes. Either measure the bra size with no bra, or by wearing the most suitable non-padded bra.

Bra Measurement Band Bust

Measure Band Size

First of all, you need to measure your band size. Get a measurement tap and get the underbust measurement around your back. It is a ribcage, the exact spot where the band of your bra fits. Not this measurement on paper.

Measure Bust Size

Now you need to measure your bust size with the tape around your back to the fullest part of your breasts. Your nipples are the guideline for the fullest part of the breasts.

The best practice is to get this measurement by bending down so that your breasts size can be measured perfectly. If the upper part of the body is horizontal to the floor, you will get the exact measurement of your bust size.

If you get this measurement by standing straight, saggy breasts would provide the wrong measurement. Again, not this measurement on the paper.

Get Round Figures

Now, you need to get the final numbers. Round both measurements to the nearest whole number. You have your band size and bust size.

Calculate Cup Size

Use your band size and bust size to calculate your cup size. The cup size actually tells you the size of your boobs (not whole chest size).

You need to subtract the band size from your bust size to get the cup size. You will get a number by subtracting band size from bust size. From this number you calculate your bra cup size as follows:

If you get a difference of just 1 inch, your cup size is A, a difference of 2 inches represents a cup size of B, 3 = C and 4 = D, and so on.

Final Bra Size?

Now your final bra size in UK is Band Size (Cup Size). If your band size was 34 and the cup size of C, then your bra size in the UK will be 34C.

Here you need to know that if your band size is 33, you have to round it to 34. If you round it to 32 by considering that it will not make you uncomfortable, then your cup size will be 1 number higher.

In that case, a 34C bra (if bust size minus band size is 3 inches) and 32D bra size are the same for you.

How to Measure Bra Size Europe?

As I mentioned earlier, that procedure is the same. You need to get the band measurement and bust measurement to calculate your correct bra size. When you have to measure bra size Europe, you need to round the figures in centimeters in a bit different way.

Bra Band Size Chart Europe

By European standards, your bra band size is a multiple of 5. The measurement of band size that you get in centimeters, you need to round that to a number of multiple of 5.

Bra Band Size Europe

Bra Cup Size Chart Europe

Again, the procedure is the same to measure the bra size UK or EU. You need to calculate the bra cup size with the help of band size and bust size.

You have calculated your bra’s band size in Eu from the chart above. Now get your bust size measurement and from this value subtract the bra band size to get the bra cup size.

Bra Cup Size = Bust Size – Bra Band Size

Now, you will get some reading, and based on this reading, you will calculate bra cup size according to the bra cup size chart EU below:

Measure Bra Cup Size Europe

According to our previous bra size measurement in the UK, if a lady has a bra size of 34C in the UK, her bra size in the EU will be 75C.

Other Things To Consider

Well, now you have correctly measured your bra size but now you need to consider a few more things to make sure that you haven’t made any mistake while measuring your bra size.

You need to check your straps fitting, band fitting and make sure that bra cups are covering your boobs properly.

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