Why I Need Instagram Downloader and MP4 Convertor

Why I Need Instagram Downloader and MP4 Convertor

Instagram is a platform that is mostly used by celebrities and they post their photos and videos on this platform. There is no option to save photos and videos on Instagram. Fans can take screenshots of the photos, but they have to use an Instagram downloader to download the videos of their favorite celebrities.

It is not only about celebrities, if you are following an Instagram page of an eCommerce store, you might also need to download their product videos as well. Since Instagram doesn’t allow to download videos, one has to use a downloader from a third party.

If you don’t want to use third-party apps or websites, then you can use the page source. You can click on inspect element in Google chrome and then you can find the relevant media file. But this is a complicated method even for people who know to code.

S, the easiest way is to use a third-party app or a website to download your favorite Instagram photos and videos.

How Does Instagram Downloader Work?

As I said earlier that you can download any media from Instagram from the source code of its page, but it is complicated. So, here comes the Instagram downloader which is specially designed to download Instagram videos and photos.

These apps or websites also use the page source to locate the media files. These apps are designed to find relevant media files from a specific Instagram page. You don’t need to find out the photo or a video from the source code.

You just need to copy the URL of your Instagram post that has a photo or a video. Then you need to paste that URL into the URL field of the Instagram downloader. If you are using a mobile app, then you might need to click on the share option and then select the Instagram downloader.

It will show you the video and you can then click on the download button to download the video for you. If there are more than 1 videos or photo, the downloader app will show you all those media files.

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Instagram to MP4 Convertor

When you are saving an Instagram video on your mobile device or a computer, you would love to save that file in MP4 format. This format is a widely used media format on mobiles and computers.

The good news is that you don’t require to convert your downloaded videos to MP4 format. Almost every Instagram downloader app converts the videos into MP4 format and then saves those videos on your mobile or computer.

Can Instagram Downloader Save Live Videos?

Yes, the Instagram downloader can save any type of video that you want to save. It can download Instagram reels, Instagram stories, Instagram video posts, and live videos as well.

You just need to copy and paste the video URL in the downloader app and hurry… it’s done.

Moreover, you can save Instagram photos and albums as well by using a good and professional Instagram downloader on your mobile or PC.

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