Instagram White Screen Problem and Solution

Instagram White Screen Problem and Solution

Instagram white screen problem is only one of the errors frequently encountered in Turkey. Since it is predominantly a server-based error, the solutions that users can produce in this sense are unfortunately temporary. However, in the case of a device-based problem, it can be easily solved in easy methods.

Instagram White Screen Problem Solution

Causes of Instagram White Screen Issue?

The question of why Instagram causes white screen problems can be answered by offering three separate reasons.

There may be a problem with the internet connection settings. Therefore, even if you open the application, you cannot access the homepage. You may eventually encounter a white screen.

Instagram may have created an access block on the grounds that it threatens the security of your account due to the software which are considered as third-party software such as gaining likes on your phone, gaining followers, or who viewed your profile.

There may be a server error. Therefore, you may encounter a white screen.

There is a possibility that you may encounter such a problem not only on the mobile phone but also on the computer and tablet.

How to Fix Instagram White Screen Problem?

Many users on how to solve the Instagram white screen problem have answered the problem by offering various solutions. We have listed all the alternatives that offer solutions to this problem for you as follows.

You can try to turn the phone off and on again, which is one of the most classic methods.

Check your internet connection, if there is any disconnection, fix the problem, and try to login to Instagram again.

Check for updates of Instagram, you can update and try to login again.

You can log in on an old version as there may be a problem due to the update of the application.

You can remove Instagram from your device and install it again.

You can try to login via browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), not the application on the phone.

You can try to open your account from another phone.

You can log in to another account to understand whether the problem is caused by your account or the phone.

You can remove third party software from your phone. This kind of software can interfere with Instagram’s operation.

You can try uninstalling other apps that will interfere with Instagram’s functioning on your phone.

You can clear the cache and data from Instagram’s Settings tab and try to log in to your account again.

For the Instagram screen problem, try logging into the application from the desktop. If you log in from the desktop, this problem on your mobile phone can be solved.

Apart from all these, you can use VPN and try to log in.

If you still have a problem despite trying all the above solutions, you can consult an authorized service.

In this article, we informed you about the Instagram white screen problem and solutions. You can also check out our other articles for your similar problems.

Will the Instagram white screen issue be resolved when logged in from the desktop?

Many users have reported that this method fixed the problem they encountered on their mobile phones. But if this does not work, you can additionally change the password of the account and try again.

Can Instagram white screen issues be fixed with a VPN?

If the problem is not caused by an internet connection or device, the VPN can provide a solution. To do this, you must first know the source of the problem.

Can Instagram white screen problems be caused by the account?

Get likes, followers, etc. on your phone. If you have apps that are not owned by Instagram, the white screen problem may occur because of this. Because these applications can disrupt the functioning of Instagram. If you remove them from your phone, you will be able to solve your problem.

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