MBBS in Ukraine and Interesting Facts – Study Guide for Indian Students

MBBS in Ukraine and Interesting Facts – Study Guide for Indian Students

We can understand, you must think about why to study MBBS in Ukraine? In India, applying for admission to any private medical school, MBBS University which has good infrastructure, will cost not less than Rs 8 million, and in many cases, it may exceed Rs crore, depending on the university and college position.

The amount we mentioned above is only the head fee; every year or every semester, the regular tuition fee will be charged on top of this head fee, which depends entirely on the university course.

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Now, if we look at the MBBS in abroad such as Ukraine, to all aspiring Indian medical students, these pictures look extremely happy, bright and energetic. We can say this because the total cost of studying for a 6-year MBBS course (equivalent to an MBBS degree in India) from a top government medical university in Ukraine is about Rs 2 million.

No Additional Entrance Examination is Required

Students who are interested in applying for admission to the Ukrainian Medical University do not need to take any form of entrance or entrance exams. The only mandatory requirement for admission to Ukrainian Medical University is to pass NEET and have a passing score. Students don’t even have to worry about IELTS or TOEFL to apply to Ukrainian Medical University.

Completely Zero Capitation Fee

Unlike medical schools in India, in order to enter a medical school in Ukraine, you do not need to pay any kind of head fees or donations of any kind. Students only need to pay about 2 million Indian rupees’ intuition to complete the 6-year “MD Physician” (equivalent to MBBS in India) course.

Globally Recognized Medical Degrees

All medical universities in Ukraine that offer MBBS are accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) and listed by WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) and many other medical councils abroad. Therefore, this shows that graduates of any medical university in Ukraine, after successfully completing the 6-year MBBS program of the Ukrainian Medical University, are eligible to pursue their medical profession in any country in the world.

Medium of Instruction

Indian students do not need to worry about learning another language for study MBBS in Ukraine, because all medical universities in Ukraine offer 6-year MBBS English courses. In fact, all teachers are proficient in English.

Living Expense Is Very Cheap

We understand that in any country/region abroad, the cost of living is one of the most concerning issues in the experience of every student and parent. Therefore, please calm down your anxiety, because the cost of living in Ukraine is about US$150-180 per month (About 4000-5000 Indian rupees). But the cost of living is directly proportional to the student’s lifestyle.

One of the Best Teacher-Student Ratio

You will be surprised to find that all medical universities in Ukraine have a teacher-student ratio of 8:1. This sentence directly shows the importance of each medical university and its departments to the education system and students

International Curriculum

All medical universities in Ukraine follow the international curriculum, which plays an integral role in the overall development of each registered medical student.

Vast Practical Exposure

Starting from the first year of the medical course, all medical schools in Ukraine provide a wide range of practical opportunities to all students. On the summer training boat, students can visit a locally recognized hospital for practical training.

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