Moringa Powder Vs. Moringa Capsules: Which Should You Choose?

Moringa Powder Vs. Moringa Capsules: Which Should You Choose?


Green superfoods are very popular and everyone knows the importance of nutritional strength of these green foods. A few examples are collard greens, matcha, kelp, and spinach. Yes, even the kids know how spinach can boost energy, as they watch Popeye’s cartoon. Another green superfood, Moringa powder is even much better than the spinach.

If you compare the health benefits of spinach to the Moringa which is also called the miracle plant, then Moringa will stand out. It is so much nutritionist and has been in use since centuries in the medicine.

If you are looking for any food which contains the antioxidant properties, then moringa is best. The best moringa powder can protect so many heart diseases and it is also good to control the Cholesterol levels. It is also good for diabetes as well.

Power of One Tablespoon of Moringa

If we talk about the proteins in one serving of yogurt, then it is double in the one gram of moringa powder. It provides four times of Vitamin A as compared to one serving of carrot.

If we talk about the oranges for vitamin C, then one gram of moringa provides seven times more vitamin C then orange. Milk is good for calcium and Moringa provides four times of calcium. You can get the recommended daily benefits with a single tablespoon easily.

Moringa Powder or Moringa Capsules?

Moringa is available in different forms like powdered form, in capsules or you can also have it as a herbal tea. But here we will talk about the benefits of moringa powder vs benefits of moringa capsules.

Let’s talk about the preparation of moringa powder. The process begins with the collection of the moringa leaves. These leaves then placed in the open air to get dry. After the leaves get dried properly, they pulverized into the fine powder. This powder then gets the proper packing and available for sale.


Now, it is quite obvious that you would like to know what is the process of making the moringa capsules? There is no difference at all, except for the packing. to get moringa capsules, you simply get the powder filled in the capsules instead of the proper packaging.

Now the question is, which one is better? Powder form or in the capsules? Also, one might think when the only difference is of the packaging then why should we compare the benefits of powder with the benefits of moringa capsules?

The loose powder form of moringa powder can be easily available and nutritionists also recommend to have neat and easily accessible form. It is obvious that you can take one gram of moringa easily in the powdered form.


While if you wanted to consume in the capsule form then you have to take several capsules at a single time to consume the same one gram of moringa powder. If you consume fewer capsules then you will not get the same advantages. It will be uncomfortable as well to consume many capsules at a time and you can easily find Moringa powder for sale on Amazon and other stores.

When you buy moringa powder for one gram, it will be cheaper in cost as compared to the same amount of moringa capsules. So, we would suggest that it is good to have moringa in powdered form instead of moringa capsules.

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