4 Mosques in Kolkata That Have Historical Importance

4 Mosques in Kolkata That Have Historical Importance

People from all different communities coexist harmoniously in India, which is a varied nation. Similarly, Kolkata. Since Kolkata has a sizable Islamic minority, we honor all cultures and religions.

The number of mosques in Kolkata is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 450. The top mosques in Kolkata are listed in the table below. To visit these beautiful mosques, you can apply for an Indian visa from Argentina.

Nashoda Mosque

In the Chitpur neighborhood of the Burrabazar commercial district in the heart of Kolkata, near the junction of Zakariya Street and Rabindra Sarani, stands the Nakhoda Mosque, the biggest mosque in the city. Approximately 10,000 people can fit inside.

Abdar Rahim Osman set the structure’s foundation in place in 1926. Based on Indo-Saracenic design, it has that style of architecture. Along with a dome and two minarets, it has a sizable prayer space.

A popular tourist destination in Kolkata is the mosque. At Fatehpur Sikri, the Buland Darwaza inspired the style of the mosque’s entrance.

The Tipu Sultan Mosque

Famous among mosques in Kolkata is the Tipu Sultan Mosque. A piece of cultural and architectural history can still be found in the mosque. This old mosque in Kolkata is visited and photographed by people from all social classes and religious backgrounds.

Prince Ghulam Mohammed, the eldest child of Tipu Sultan, constructed this structure in 1832. It is an example of a unique architectural legacy. There are several domes, large corner towers, and a mosque with double aisles.

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Hooghly Imambara

In the West Bengali district of Hooghly, on the outskirts of Kolkata, is the Hooghly Imambara, a mosque with an assembly hall. In 1861, Muhammad Mohsin finished erecting the structure.

With a towering clock tower over the front gate, the two-story building features two stories. On the walls of the mosque, there are engravings of Quranic patterns and verses. Marbles, hanging lanterns, and candles, are used as decorations inside the mosque.

Its two towers, each 85 feet tall, are the Imambara’s main draw. For males and women, respectively, are the two towers. You should follow this guide to get an Indian visa for Belgian citizens.

Karbala Tank Mosque

In Metiaburuz, there is a mosque called Karbala Masjid that adheres to Shiah doctrine. The practices followed in all other mosques are recognized to be Sunni. Additionally, the mosque’s outstanding architecture and Islamic artistic spectacular are on display.

These mosques are just a few of the well-known mosques in Kolkata. Others include Jumma Masjid in Kolkata, Masjid-e-Mohamadi in Park Circus, and Lal Masjid in Colootolla.

The Jumma Masjid in Mullickbazar, the Habib-ul-Masaajid on Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, the Ahl-e-Hadees Masjid on Marquis Lane, and other mosques are also located in Rajabazar.

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