What is New Zealand eTA and What are Benefits?

What is New Zealand eTA and What are Benefits?

What is New Zealand eTA?

The eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization has made New Zealand’s borders open to international travellers with an easy-to-apply online approach for entrance requirements. The New Zealand government started implementing this policy back in August 2019.

The New Zealand eTA Visa is available to citizens of 60 countries that do not require a visa to enter New Zealand. These are called Visa-free countries or simply Visa waiver countries for New Zealand.

The money from this eTA Visa goes to the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, which the government uses to protect and preserve New Zealand’s natural resources and tourist attractions.

All short-term visitors to New Zealand, including crew members of cruise ships or airlines, must apply for a New Zealand Esta.

There’s no need to do this:

  • Visit any New Zealand embassy in the country.
  • Visiting High Commission of New Zealand.
  • Mail your passport for New Zealand visa stamps.
  • Schedule an interview time.
  • Pay by check, cash, or by going to the cashier.

The New Zealand Esta Application Form can be used to finish the entire process on this website. This application form only asks for a few short answers to a few easy questions.

Some Benefits of Applying for NZ eTA

Most candidates assessed by the New Zealand government prior to launch could complete this application form in two minutes or less.

Within 72 hours, the New Zealand Government’s Immigration Officers will make a decision and notify you through email.

Either a soft electronic copy or a physical paper copy of the approved New Zealand visa online can be brought to the airport or cruise ship terminals. This New Zealand Esta can be used for up to two years, so keep that in mind.

New Zealand eTA Visa applications do not require the submission of your passport at any point, although we do remind you that two (2) blank pages are required in your passport.

For your trip to New Zealand, you’ll need to provide this information to the immigration officials at the airport in your home country so that they can stamp your passport with an entry/exit stamp.

As a result of the pre-vetting of your application, New Zealand Government Border Officers will not turn you away from the airport. But it doesn’t mean that your NZ eTA will approve in any case. Here you should check the New Zealand visa eligibility criteria.

You will not be turned away at the airport or cruise ship in your home country because you will have a valid eTA Visa for New Zealand. Due to their criminal backgrounds, many travelers would otherwise be turned away from the airport.

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