What are the Photo Requirements for the Indian eVisa

What are the Photo Requirements for the Indian eVisa

You may find all the information you need here on the photograph specifications and requirements for Indian visas in the categories of business, tourism, and Indian cruise ship visa or medical eVisas.

As long as you complete all of the eligibility criteria and submit all of the required documentation, an Indian e-Visa can be granted in no time at all. A passport-style image of the visitor’s face is one of the documents that must be included in the application.

All Indian e-Visa applications need you to provide a passport-style photo of your face, regardless of whether you are applying for a tourist e-Visa for India, an Indian business visa, an Indian medical visa, or even an Indian visa for a medical attendant.

You can use this guide to figure out all of the photo criteria for your India visa. The Indian e-Visa can be applied for online and without having to visit the Indian Embassy in your country, as long as you know the Indian visa photo requirements.

How to Take a Photo for Indian eVisa?

In order to apply for an Indian visa, visitors must provide a passport-style photo of themselves taken with a phone. If the application process had not been online and the visitor had applied for a traditional paper Visa, a professional photographer would have been required to capture the moment.

E-Visa allows you to simply upload a photo taken on your cell phone that matches the Indian Visa photo requirements. However, you can’t take a picture of or scan your current passport’s photograph. You must include a secondary headshot in the form of a passport photo.

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The Most Common Photo Requirements for an India Visa

The traveler applying for an Indian e-Visa must ensure that the face photograph they supply on their Visa application fits the following Indian Visa requirements:

  • Passport-style photos are required.
  • There must be no fuzziness or blurring in the photo, and it must clearly identify the visitor by showing all of their characteristics, including hair and any blemishes on their face. It doesn’t really matter what type of head covering the guest is wearing, as long as it doesn’t obscure their face, hairline, or chin. This is especially important if the visitor is Muslim. An Immigration Officer at the border should be able to quickly recognize the visitor in the photo.
  • Ideally, the photo should be at least 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall. As a rule of thumb, it should be at least this big. When photographing an applicant, make sure that the visitor’s face covers at least half the frame and is in the center. Except for religious head coverings, the neck, ears, and shoulders should also be exposed.
  • If you attach a photo of your face to your Indian visa application that is larger than 1 Mb, you will not be able to get a visa. To see if your photo fulfills the size requirements for an India visa passport photo on your computer or PC, right-click on the image, select properties, and then check the size box under the general tab.
  • Do not wear any accessories such as hats or sunshades in the photo. However, it is preferable to upload an image sans glasses or eyeglasses so that the flash does not obscure your eyes or reflect off of them. If you don’t re-upload the photo, you risk having your application denied at the discretion of the Immigration Officers. Just make sure there isn’t any reflection on them because your eyes need to be clearly visible in the photo if you decide to wear your glasses.
  • Take the shot in portrait mode rather than landscape mode; the light and shadows need to be even and there should be no black shadows; the color of the photo has to be normal and there should be no colored tones; and you should not use any editing software on the photo.
  • In the snapshot, the background should be plain and straightforward, as should the items you wear in the photograph. Avoid patterns and bright colors.
  • The background of the photo should be empty; no one else should be seen.
  • The frontal view of your face, not the side or profile view, should be used, and your eyes should be entirely open, not even half-closed, and your lips should be closed. The best way to show off your face is to keep your hair in a ponytail or ponytail holder.
  • Uploading a JPG, PNG, or PDF version of this headshot is acceptable.

A simple and basic India Visa Application Form is all you need to apply for the visa if you meet all of these requirements, as well as additional requirements, and have all of the essential papers.

Obtaining an Indian visa shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you have any further questions or concerns about the size of the passport photo required for an India visa, you should contact the India e visa help desk for assistance and direction.

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