Top Places for Tourists To Visit in Ontario This Season

Top Places for Tourists To Visit in Ontario This Season

Ontario, a province in Canada, is enormous. It takes months to travel across, as it is the size of a small nation. Longer than that, even! Fortunately, we’ve traveled extensively throughout our home province of Ontario, and we’ve compiled a list of the absolute must-see attractions here.

It was difficult to narrow down the options; we had to exclude some famous landmarks. Don’t forget to list your alternatives in the comments section below if they weren’t already included.


Tobermory, Grotto is a fantastic tourist destination. We’ve always had an inkling that Tobermory was a bit different than the rest of the world. Since we first began scuba diving in the year 2000, we have been drawn to its cold seas by the promise of shipwrecks.

Until it became popular on Instagram, however, we made little effort to investigate the phenomenon’s allure among photographers.

On the Bruce Peninsula, we used to have a stunning coastline to ourselves. These days, you need an appointment to see the sparkling blue waters within a cave.

However, because COVID has made tourism there more difficult, perhaps now is a good time to go back and enjoy it without the crowds.

Island of Flowerpots

Flowerpot Island is a must-see when you’re in the area, and it’s one of Ontario’s most recognizable landmarks. Tobermory’s Fathom Five National Marine Park was one of our go-to spots for scuba diving at the turn of the millennium (I know, that sounds crazy to say, but it’s been 20 years!)۔

Hikers, daytrippers, and boat tours all flock to Flowerpot Island to check out the island’s unique pillars and caves.

Wiarton Willie

Wiarton Willy, who may be found in that country’s coastal community of the same name, is the equivalent of the United States’ Punxsutawney Phil.

If this groundhog sees his shadow in February, spring will come early; if he doesn’t, the season will linger. Willy is free for the rest of the year, and anyone who wants to can stop by his house.

Canada Visa Guide

In order to visit Canada, you need to apply for a visa if you are not from a visa-exempt country. Canada also offers eVisa to promote tourism in the country. When you have a Canadian visa, you can visit any province and any territory of Canada without any problem.

The following guides are important for visitors from Britain and Australia:

River White

You might miss it if you didn’t look closely, but Winnie the Pooh is a big deal in White River. Despite its diminutive size, White River is among Canada’s must-see destinations for history buffs. In 1914, a hunter fatally shot a bear so he could take her cub back to town and raise it.

An army man on his way to Europe from White River bought a bear cub for twenty dollars and took it with him. Soldier donated the bear to an English zoo before heading to France with his army, where it spent its final years.

The author A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin named the bear Pooh after their zoo visits. “Therefore, at White River, Winnie the Pooh was born.”

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