Practice Velocity provides industry-leading software solutions for healthcare operations across the country. With their technology, doctors can take electronic medical records (EMRs) and store them digitally, automating payments and computerizing medical encryption. Practice Velocity primarily works with urgent care centers, occupational medicine clinics, primary care physicians, and outpatient specialists. With Practice Velocity’s VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR, urgent care clinics have access to a best-in-class EMR solution.

VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR offers a variety of features, including the ability to automate medical coding and get real-time results, allowing physicians to improve the efficiency of their practice. This solution focuses on the main complaints. It streamlines the patient’s examination by using the primary complaint to ask questions about underlying conditions, recommended procedures, possible diagnoses, and discharge instructions for the patient. core. In addition, VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR offers point-and-click functionality, improving efficiency and speed by capturing most of the chart without typing. Other features include simple prescribing through Surescripts, tracking functionality to streamline future visits, and ExitCare brochures.

Physicians Im Instant Care LLC, a company that provides affordable urgent care and occupational medicine services to communities in Nebraska, Illinois, and Oklahoma, is one of the care providers. the emergency took advantage of EMR VelociDoc Urgent Care. Immediate Physician Care LLC was able to streamline their multistate urgent care operations and grow their business more efficiently with Practice Velocity’s EMR VelociDoc Urgent Care solution.

Benefits of Using Practice Velocity EMR:

Easier decision making:

Other functions include clinical decision support. Practice Velocity EMR system is needed to highlight abnormal test results, alert providers to abnormal vital signs, alert if a known allergy medication is prescribed or drug interaction is known to occur, and recommended care measures can be documented.

Entering orders and prescriptions:

The second function is order entry and electronic prescribing. Practice Velocity EMR system allows suppliers to enter purchase orders with requested details, administer vaccination: record dose, enter a location and manage referral orders with referral and carrier information introduce. Another function of the Practice Velocity EMR system is to provide health information and reports.

Safe storage of medical records:

The third function is to ensure the safety, security, and confidentiality of the patient’s medical records. Health and private security are fundamental to any EMR system to ensure data privacy. The Practice Velocity EMR system must have access control features that may restrict access to stored health data. It must be able to define individual roles, document access roles that can maintain detailed audit trails of all events in the Practice Velocity EMR system.  The system shall be capable of data backup, data recovery, and recording embedded specifications, in accordance with data transmission and encryption requirements. Another function of Practice Velocity Software is the electronic medical record, which should facilitate the exchange of electronic health information.

Improve the function of electronic medical records:

Health care providers reported improving performance with the use of electronic medical records. First, it helps manage time. Patient management is also easier to get patient information and create daily reports. Have better communication between health care providers due to the system. With electronic medical records, health data will be easily accessible and used. The use of electronic medical records has shown some benefits in improving care quality. For example, less space needs to store, access, and update clinical records. Unlike paper systems, electronic storage is much simpler, practical, and economical. It also improves clinical staff efficiency and effectiveness.

Data Accuracy:

Practice Velocity EMR has increased accuracy and these records are less susceptible to physical damage. Electronic records are easier to read and reduce errors made by health care providers due to illegible handwriting. Overall, patients also rated the electronic system positively. For example, the front desk does not ask repetitive questions and personal details during each visit if the patient provided them during the previous visit. The use of electronic medical records by providers has increased patient satisfaction. Electronic medical records have also contributed to streamlining functionality and assigning roles to different clinical resources. With electronic records, each person accessing and modifying the record is recorded with timestamps.


  1. Pros: it is an integrated system for practicing emergency care. Now our clinical part and billing part are both cover.

Cons: We used Practice Velocity and the whole transition from the old EMR system was not smooth. They couldn’t help us with it in time, the data wasn’t fully extracted and uploaded to the system, and the staff needed further training.

  • Pros: The system is pretty good compared to what we had before, very easy to use, our staff easily complete the clinical part, notes, graphic documentation, everything is available.

Cons: The only thing  I don’t like is that the system very often crashes. It must be stopped and then restarted and all information will be lost.

  • Pros: I don’t like anything about this software, it’s buggy, it’s clunky and full of bugs that make my job extremely difficult.

Cons: I have used it many times but this is by far the most difficult DME to use. It’s slow, it crashes quite often and it’s not particularly specific. Too many unnecessary windows in the clinical section, not designed for fast-paced practice.

  • Pros: Compared to our previous system, it is user-friendly. The best feature that I like about the software is the data storage and patient information. I like the scan feature because we can scan the information and it appears in the system.

Cons: The system slows down and very often we face downtime while working. When it crashes, all information is lost and it restarts. Sometimes even rebooting the system still doesn’t work and we have to call support.

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