The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automotive LED Headlights

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automotive LED Headlights

advantages of LED lights

With the advancement of technology, lights for cars and trucks also get variations. With the new LED lights, now you can have amazing headlights and taillight and this is all because of the advancement in LED light technology.

3 Types of Car Headlights

The three types of headlights that are used in cars or other vehicles are halogen lights, LED lights and HID lights. Among all these three, LED lights are more in use nowadays.

Like anything else, LED lights have many advantages and a few disadvantages. We will discuss these in this article.

Pros of LED Headlights

Mainly there are 4 advantages of using LED that are listed below:

Better Quality of Light

LED Lights offer a better quality of light and better visibility. When you are on the road, you must have a clear view of all the vehicles and any obstacles on the road. The quality of LED lights is so good that you can drive easily on a heavy traffic road at night.

Longer Life of LED Lights

As compared to other vehicle lights, LED lights have a better life. The filament of traditional lights may damage due to bumps, vibrations, and rattles which require you to change the lights more often. This problem is not associated with the LED lights so they last longer.

Energy Efficient

Everyone knows that the main property of an LED light is that, they are more energy-efficient. Good quality LED Headlights consumes as much as 85% less energy as compared to the traditional halogen lights.

Cheaper in Long Run

Though the initial cost of LED headlights is higher than the other types of lights, but if you compare the cost in the long run then LED lights are much cheaper.

Cons of LED Headlights

These are a few disadvantages of LED headlights. But if you are a genius you can avoid these cons of LED lights.

Variance in Quality

A lot of manufacturers are making LED lights for vehicles. It brings different qualities of lights in the market. So, it makes it difficult for the end-user to select the good quality of LED headlight. The wrong decision could be a waste of money.

Initial Price

The initial price of the LED lights is high. It involves both, the price of the light itself, and also the installation charges. These lights are difficult to fix so it requires more labor charges.

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