All You Need To Know About RFID Advantages & Applications

All You Need To Know About RFID Advantages & Applications

We all know that in a barcode system a scanner is used to read the information of a specific product. This is system is used on most of the general stores to reduce the time for creating invoices. RFID is such a system, but it uses radio waves to read the information from different tags.

RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. This is a more efficient system which use radio waves to read the tags. The scanner reads the tags of a product and converts the information into digital data. This digital data is then used to identify the product and to read the specific information.

RFID system can be applied to almost anything. Here are a few applications of RFID system.

  • RFID system can be used on credit & debit cards.
  • RFID system can be used on passports.
  • To maintain books inventory, RFID can be used in a library.
  • RFID tags can help to manage the stock of a warehouse.
  • RFID can be used to improve theĀ Attendee tracking.
  • It can be used in a laundry to identify the uniforms of employees.

Above are the few applications of the radio frequency identification system. Though there are much more applications. But we have mentioned only a few so that you can get an idea who effective it is. Here you can learn more about RFID solutions.

A Few RFID Advantages

Here are a few advantages of RFID technology and its used:

  • Line of Sight: Barcode readers and its tags should be in the line of sight to work. While there is no need for the RFID scanner and the tags to be in the line of sight. So, it is easy to use.
  • Detailed Information: RFID tags can store more information as compared to the barcode tags.
  • Location: RFID tags also provides the location of the objects.
  • Fast Scanning: Due to radio waves, it is faster to identify the items, so no need to keep the objects in a line to scan one by one.

These were the advantages and some applications of RFID. You can check more information on the topic from Google.

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