Difference Between S Pass and Singapore Employment Pass Visa

Difference Between S Pass and Singapore Employment Pass Visa

Employment pass Singapore Visa

Working in Singapore has always been an excellent opportunity for foreigners from all over the world. That is because Singapore is not only a country with a stable economy, it also has continuous business operations.

That is why building your career in Singapore is proven to be very beneficial. That is why foreigners try to get an employment visa in Singapore.

There are two main work visas in Singapore. One is the S Pass Singapore visa and the other is the E Pass. Although they are both works passes in Singapore, the employment pass Singapore scheme is very different from the S Pass.

Thus, in this article, we will break down the difference between the S Pass and the E Pass.

Who can apply for it?

S Pass Singapore

In the S Pass Singapore scheme, the ones that can apply are those who belong to the middle-skilled worker category. This means that these employment visa applicants don’t need to have high educational qualifications.

They only need to have vocational certificates with at least a year of formal study. Thus, foreign workers that undergo a short period of training for the job they want to apply for will get eligible for the S Pass Singapore visa.

Employment pass Singapore

As for the employment pass Singapore visa, the applicant should be at least a college graduate. This means that he or she must have completed a four-year college course to qualify for the E Pass.

Needless to say, the E Pass candidate must be a professional. They can be a specialist in a certain field such as medicine, engineering, and technology. Or they can be managers and executives.

A middle-skilled worker is not eligible for the E Pass. However, a high-skilled worker can apply for the S Pass if the employment pass Singapore criteria cannot be met.

What are the perks?

S Pass Singapore

Being an S Pass Singapore holder has its own set of privileges. For one thing, an S Pass holder is entitled to get health insurance paid by the employer. They can apply for the Dependent’s Pass to bring their families to Singapore.

This is as long as they are earning at least SG$6,000. They can also apply for permanent residency if they have worked in Singapore for over a year and met the PR requirements.

Employment pass Singapore

As for an employment pass Singapore holder, there are many benefits. First, they can travel in and out of Singapore without having to apply for an entry pass. Although employers are not required to pay for employment pass Singapore holder’s health insurance, the latter can get one for himself if he chooses.

They can also buy or rent properties in Singapore if they can meet the conditions and pay for them. They can set up accounts in a Singaporean Bank should they choose to.

Lastly, they have a faster chance of getting qualified for the Dependent’s Pass and the permanent residency status compared to an S Pass Singapore holder.

What are the limitations?

S Pass Singapore

S Pass Singapore workers are tied to a single employer. Furthermore, they can only live in properties that the employer has provided. In addition, employers have to pay levies for having S Pass workers.

This means that there are fees in order to keep these workers in a Singapore company. Furthermore, there is a quota of S Pass Singapore workers that companies need to abide by. They can never exceed the quota or else they will lose their employment visa eligibility to hire foreign workers.

Employment pass Singapore

Similar to the S Pass Singapore scheme, the employment pass Singapore holders are tied to a single employer. Although they do not have levies and quotas to abide by, the employer still has full control over their employment visa.

If they lose their employment, their employment visa will be canceled. Thus, they will have to find another job in Singapore and re-apply for employment pass Singapore visa or they’ll leave Singapore.

Select the right employment visa for you

Applying for an employment visa in Singapore is not easy since there are a lot of factors that the Ministry of Manpower should have to consider. You must not only be eligible but the hiring company must also meet the conditions set to hire foreign workers.

That is why it is important that you select the right employment visa that will fit your background and skills and the work that you will get in Singapore. If you need help with the employment visa application, contact Ren Ai Group today!

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