Singapore to lift travel restrictions from Dec 18 for travelers from Taiwan

Singapore to lift travel restrictions from Dec 18 for travelers from Taiwan

Singapore: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) announced today that it will lift travel restrictions on travelers from Taiwan who wish to visit Singapore. The restriction lift will be applicable from Dec 18 onwards.

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Travelers must apply for an ATP pass which is a single-entry Air Travel Pass and can start entering the economic hub from next Friday.

All people who stayed in Taiwan for 14 days are eligible to come to Singapore where the authorities will take a PCR test and allow them to enter openly without any restriction.

Travelers from Taiwan now doesn’t need any mandatory quarantine if their PCR test comes negative. They only have to install a Tracer app that will allow the authorities to trace them if needed.

The authorities further added that in case if someone affects by COVID during their stay in Singapore, they had to bear their medical expenses. Singapore’s Transport Minister, Mr. Ong Ye Kung said that it was very safe to open borders for Taiwan.

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Taiwan is one of those countries least affected by COVID with over 200 days passed when the last case was reported. The country recently lifted restrictions on Singaporean businessmen and allowed them to go openly for their business activities after just five days of necessary quarantine.

Mr. Ong Ye Kung said that since Taiwan eased traveling from Singapore, we are also easing traveling referring to the country’s strong response against COVID and controlling it.

When asked about who is eligible for this rule, he said that all the Singaporean citizens, PR holders, as well as people who have a long-term pass of Singapore can avail this opportunity where they only have to pass through a PCR test before they are allowed to enter Singapore.

The country has recently eased travel restrictions for nearby countries like Australia, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Vietnam, and China.

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Mr. Ong Ye Kung further added that so far things are running smooth and we hope to add as many countries to this travel bubble as which are safe.

Singapore was also set to lift the travel ban for Hong Kong citizens when last year it was postponed a day before getting official. The authorities are waiting for the vaccine, so they can again open the business hub for all.

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