Don’t Miss Out the Sky Tower When in Auckland

Don’t Miss Out the Sky Tower When in Auckland

The skyscraping Sky Tower of Auckland is a recognizable landmark throughout the city. The views from the observation decks of this iconic tower are unlike any others.

Several restaurants and nightclubs may be found within the Sky Tower, which is a telecommunications office skyscraper. The southern hemisphere’s tallest building.

The 328-meter-tall Sky Tower is the southern hemisphere’s tallest man-made building. The tower is a tourist hotspot because it offers unparalleled views of the city from a vantage point accessible only by helicopter.

In addition, the tower is home to not one but two exciting pursuits. The SkyWalk is a stroll along a thin platform that wraps around the building at a height of roughly 190 meters; alternatively, the SkyJump offers the chance to leap from the building’s edge (yes, there will be a harness).

The skyscraper also houses several eateries, including the spinning Orbit 360, the upscale Sugar Club, and the casual Sky Cafe. Apply for an online New Zealand visa for Netherlands citizens and must visit the Sky Tower in Auckland.

How to Reach Sky Tower?

The bus travel from Auckland International Airport to Sky Tower takes only 45 minutes. Near the intersection of Victoria Street and Federal Street in the heart of downtown Auckland, this location is just a two-minute walk from the nearest train station.

Sky Tower is conveniently served by a number of bus routes, including the 129 and the 76X, both of which have nearby bus stops. Other than this twoer, you can also check out these top beaches in Auckland city.

Sky Jump from the Tower

Anyone who is impatient with the elevator service should just jump off the Sky Tower. Try a base jump off the Sky Tower and freefall the 192 meters to the ground below. Bungee jumping, in which you have wires linked to your feet and leap from great heights, is a popular activity and a must-see for adventurers.

AJ Hackett, New Zealand’s most experienced and reputable bungee specialist, will be leading your adventure, so you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands. There are two ways to purchase tickets: in person at the Sky Tower or online.

Sky Walk at Sky Tower Auckland

Sky Tower’s outside pergola provides a thrilling experience for anyone who dares to step foot there. Oh, and the elevation is a mere 192 meters!

Your safety and security while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Auckland are guaranteed by the use of full-body harnesses. It is possible to purchase tickets for the Sky Tower either in person or online.

If you have a New Zealand visa for Italian citizens, then you must try this amazing skywalk on the heights of the Sky Tower in Auckland.


The Sky Tower, a landmark in Auckland, was finished being built in 1997. A couple of the tower’s upper floors are accessible to the public, though the majority of the building is used as a communications office (including as Auckland’s primary FM transmitter).

New Zealand’s only rotating restaurant, Orbit 360, can be found on floor 52. Diners enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf while feasting on dishes inspired by and prepared with regional ingredients. When you dine at Orbit 360, you get free access to the SkyDeck.

Peter Gordon, a well-known New Zealand chef, runs one of the several restaurants located in the Sky Tower, called The Sugar Club.

The Sugar Club is well-known for its innovative fusion dishes, which combine flavors from around the world with the best of what the local area has to offer at any given time.

Love can be found at any altitude, and the Sugar Club provides venues to host wedding parties for those who have ventured 52 stories or higher.

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