Some of the best social media marketing platforms in 2019

Some of the best social media marketing platforms in 2019

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Social media is the backbone of digital marketing. No one can deny the importance of digital marketing in 2019. Whether you are a blogger, or you are a seller, you can make money using social media marketing. You can bring a lot of visitors and customers to your blog or your company’s website.

There are different social media marketing platforms which you can use to promote your business or blog. The things are simple and you can manage the marketing platforms yourself. But if you need quick results, then you can also get help from an expert social media marketing Singapore company.

If you want to manage the social media marketing campaign yourself, then you can use the following platforms which are very effective in 2019:


Facebook is the most popular social media network all around the world. Billions of people use Facebook on a daily basis. You can make your personal profile on Facebook and then you can create your business page.

You can bring like-minded people on your business and community page and can post content to engage them. You should get more and more fans or likes on your Facebook business page and then you can bring them to your business website as well.


Twitter is also one of the best social media networks which are used worldwide by different people of all ages. On Twitter, you can’t create your business page separately. You can create only one profile which you can give any name i.e name of your business or blog.

Then you can post the engaging content on twitter profile and can promote your business.


Not as much famous as Facebook or Twitter, but still very effective for the promotion of your business or blog. Basically, it is a platform where you post images of high quality. You can also find different celebrities on Pinterest.

You can also use the link with images so that when someone clicks on the image the user will be redirected to your blog or website. On Pinterest, you can’t create business pages separately. But you have an option to create a personal profile or a business profile.


YouTube is a product of Google and it provides you an option to create your own channel and then you can upload your videos. Videos can be promotional but it should be your own creation.

You can spread awareness among people through YouTube channel. For this, you need to grow YouTube channel fast.

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