Standard Heights For Kitchen Counter and Cabinets To Work Efficiently

Standard Heights For Kitchen Counter and Cabinets To Work Efficiently

Are you going to renovate your kitchen to give it a new look and to get your ideal kitchen? Do you want some new appliances for your kitchen and you wanted to adjust them? For this, you need to renovate your kitchen, and you need to do everything by taking proper measurements.

The best thing is that you should have your kitchen appliances in mind and the measurements as well before you start remodeling your kitchen cabinetry. With this, you will have a beautiful and modern built in appliances look in your kitchen. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to find the appliances that can be adjusted into your kitchen cabinets.

Apart from the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen counter is another important thing that should be precisely measured before you construct it. According to the industry standard, the ideal counter height should be 36″ in America and Canada.

But, this is not true for everyone even in the United States or Canada. The height of the kitchen counter should be measured according to the height of the person who is going to cook food in the kitchen.

If your height is good, then 36″ high counter is good for you, but if you are short in height, then the height will be adjusted according to your height. To know the exact height that you need, it is good to communicate with your contractor who does kitchen renovations in Vancouver. Tell them the height of the person who is going to use the kitchen. They will take care of the ideal height of the kitchen countertop for you.

Here is a brief guide about what should be the ideal kitchen height.

kitchen counter

Counter Height: The industry standard for the kitchen counter according to National Kitchen & Bath Association is 34″ – 36″. But this can vary as we said earlier, even it is based on your height and requirements. The diagram above describes exactly how you can determine the suitable counter height based on measuring down from your elbow.

Counter-Depth: The industry standard for the depth of the counter is 24″. But again, this can vary based on your height, depth of the appliances, and details of the backsplash and cabinetry.

Upper Cabinet/Shelving Clearance: The distance from the kitchen countertop to the upper shelves or cabinets should be 17″ to 20″. If it is lower than this, you’ll impede on the workspace. If it is higher then it’s going to be tough to reach uppermost shelves.

Kitchen Triangle: For maximum efficiency, the sum of three sides of kitchen triangle should not exceed about 276 inches.

Circulation Space: Do you have U-shaped or gallery layout? Then the circulation space between countertops should be at least 48″. The space between counters should not be more than 64″, otherwise your efficiency will be much lower.

Stoveside Counter Space: Try for at least 12″ of counter space on at least one side of your stovetop. Same goes for the refrigerator, preferably on the open side of the door.

These are some dimensions and the measurements that you should discuss with the kitchen contractor you hire in Vancouver. If you don’t follow these, it would be difficult for you to work efficiently in your kitchen.

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  1. Great information you have provided… I was looking for this information and glad that I found your post. Now I exactly know what should be the height of my new kitchen countertop.

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