Different Student Accommodation Options in Ankara

Different Student Accommodation Options in Ankara

The scale of a city can have a significant impact on the quality of an individual’s academic experience. Some students gravitate toward the atmosphere and tempo of larger, more bustling cities, while others might be more at ease in a more intimate setting.

No matter what your preferences are, U-Multirank can accommodate them. Ankara has a population of over 5200000 persons and spreads across approximately 25706 km2 of land.

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Ankara’s Safety Index for Students

Safety is an important topic to consider when studying abroad. Ankara is ranked number 183 out of 461 cities across the world in terms of safety, according to the most recent Numbeo Safety Index, which gives the city a score of 60.58.

Do you want to find low-cost and easily accessible student housing in Ankara? Thousands of students from all over Turkey and the world flock to this city every year because of the abundance of educational opportunities it provides.

In order to secure a place to stay with desirable amenities, pricing, and location, you need to plan ahead and book early, as these factors tend to sell out as the first day of classes approaches.

Apartments in Ankara, Turkey for Rent

Are you looking for a cheap and centrally located Ankara apartment for students? You should know that this is not an easy task, since flats that are in both a desirable price range and location are more likely to be rented quickly.

For this reason, if a completely furnished apartment is your preferred housing solution, you should start your search as soon as possible and keep a close eye out for any newly furnished units that come into the rental market.

And because we care about your convenience, we’ve included a housing cost calculator on Erasmus Play. There are numerous verified flats available through various internet housing marketplaces and traditional real estate agents, all of which may be viewed using this handy tool.

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Studio or efficiency apartments often have a greater monthly payment than bigger, multi-room apartments. The monthly rent for a studio apartment can be as low as € 200 and as high as € 300, while the monthly cost for a two-bedroom apartment can easily reach € 400, which is typically split between the roommates.

Rooms on Rent For Students In Ankara

When young people from all over the world go to Ankara to take part in the Erasmus program, this option is consistently the most popular. The vast majority of rooms have all the necessary furniture, including a bed, wardrobe, study desk, and linens, already installed.

But keep in mind that each apartment building has its own set of amenities. Therefore, it is essential that you not only investigate the amenities of the room, but also the apartment itself.

A room’s monthly rate is normally between € 250 and € 300, although might go as low as € 250 on occasion.

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