What is Study Permit of Canada and How to Get One

What is Study Permit of Canada and How to Get One

If you wish to attend a school in Canada, you will need to obtain study permission from the government of that country. This study permission is a document that is called a study permit.

You are eligible to submit an application for a study permit in Canada after you have been given admission to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

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Application Process for Canadian Study Permit

There are four steps involved in getting a study permit to study in Canada, and they are as follows:

1. Confirm that you meet the requirements: Check that you are eligible to apply for a study permit to study in Canada by making sure you meet the conditions. You are going to need to:

  • a letter of acceptance from a DLI
  • evidence that financial support is being provided
  • supporting papers

2. Get your application ready to submit: If you are able to demonstrate that you satisfy all of the prerequisites for eligibility, then you are able to start preparing your application for a study permit. Check to see that you have all of the paperwork that is necessary for entering your nation. Your application can be denied by an immigration officer if you can’t provide evidence that you satisfy all of the conditions. It is recommended that prior to submitting your application, you get it reviewed by an immigration representative who is qualified in the field.

3. Complete and send in your application for a study permit: When it comes time to send in your application, you have two choices:

Send in an application via electronic submission: To begin, visit the website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and register for an account. You have the option of submitting an application through the use of scanned or electronic versions of the supporting documents.

Send in your application using the paper form: Collect hard copies of all of your supporting documents and send them in via regular mail to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) for your country.

4. If your application for a study permit is accepted, you should come to Canada! Once you have entered Canada and presented yourself at a port of entry, you will be given your Canadian study permit (POE). In the event that your permission is accepted, the government of Canada will give you a letter titled “Port of Entry Introduction Letter.” When you arrive in Canada, you will be required to present this letter to an immigration official in order to receive your study permit.

How Much Time Does It Take to Submit an Application for a Study Permit in Canada?

The amount of time it takes to process study permits varies substantially. The amount of time it takes is contingent upon the nation in which you are currently residing.

The shortest processing time is one to two weeks, while some candidates should anticipate waiting up to sixteen weeks. The number of submitted applications will determine how long the processing will take.

It is possible that your application will be delayed if it is submitted too close to the beginning of the school year in Canada.

Do you want your tasks completed more quickly? Determine whether or not you are qualified to participate in the Study Direct Stream (SDS).

If you are coming from the USA, then you must have a Canada visa for US Green card holders.

What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Study Permit in Canada?

Permission to study in Canada comes with a number of stipulations and requirements that must be satisfied. You are required to adhere to these criteria in order to ensure that you get the most out of your educational experience.

  • You need to be enrolled at an DLI (designated learning institution)
  • If you are going to school in Quebec, you are required to be enrolled as either a part-time or full-time student.
  • You are not permitted to take any leaves of absence that are longer than 150 days from your current course of study.

It is essential that you fully comprehend and adhere to the conditions of your study permit. If you do so, you will maximize the benefits that come from your time spent studying abroad in Canada.

Students who comply with the conditions of their study permits stand a better chance of being approved for a work visa when they have completed their studies.

What Kind of Financial Commitment Is Required to Attend School in Canada?

The encouraging news is that higher education in Canada does not break the bank. The cost of attending university in Canada is, on average, considerably less than what it is in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

A bachelor’s degree program in Canada cost an international student coming from outside the country an average of $27,159 CAD per year for the 2018-2019 academic year. Comparatively speaking, the typical cost of tuition for one academic year at a university in the United States comes in at $45,950 USD.

You can use this tool to find out how much the tuition is for college and university programs in Canada, in addition to the anticipated expenses of books and other school supplies.

When choosing a location to study in another country, one of the most significant considerations to make is the cost of living there. When compared to the majority of other top destinations for international students, the cost of living in Canada can be extremely reasonable:

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