How to Get FREE Guest Post?

If you are a writer and you are looking for a platform where you can showcase your good work or you wanted to get a free guest post, then Benja News is the right place for you. You can publish your articles on Benja News and can improve your portfolio.

If you want to write for us, you need to create your account at Benja News and by following the rules mentioned below, you can become an active writer at Benja News.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Your article must be a minimum of 500 words long
  • No repetition of sentences in the article.
  • The article must be informative rather than promotional.
  • The article should be easily readable and should be easy to understand.
  • Spin articles are not allowed.
  • Try to remove grammar or spelling errors before submitting your article.
  • Try to include proper headings and a bullet list in the article.
  • The article you submit, should not be used any where else on the internet.
  • You will not publish the same article on any other website after getting approval.
  • If you publish the same article on any other website, we will remove your article from our website.
  • If you want to include an image you can include the image URL by posting that image on image hosting site.
  • You can embed a relevant YouTube Video in your article as well.

References and Links

  • Try to include some links to authority and relevant sites to create references.
  • You can create one link to your website from the bottom of the article.
  • External links to any website should be created with natural anchor text.
  • We have the right to change the anchor text if it is not natural.
  • Don’t create links to unethical websites.

Article Approval

  • Our editors will review your article within 48 hours.
  • If your article is good and unique, we will publish it within 48 hours.

If you submitted a NEWS which should be published as the first priority, then after submitting your news, contact me on my Facebook page or send an email at editor [@]

Sponsored Posts

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