Things that a Smartphone has Replaced

Things that a Smartphone has Replaced

Smartphones we carry today are compelling and ubiquitous. There was a time when mobile phones served single-purpose technology. But this incredible device has evolved to a great extent and now packs more energy and new technology. It has undoubtedly replaced a lot of stand-alone gadgets and consumer devices. The smartphone is at a pedestal now where it can do anything and everything one could ever think of – and it is not finished yet!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall the list of things a “smart” smartphone has supplanted.


Could you recall the last time using a landline or a payphone? Absolutely not! Smartphones are, in fact, the most apparent replacement for the old phone that used to be the bare minimum. With the massive usage of free Wi-Fi and instant message packages, the propensity for calling is decreased. Now, people need a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile phone to connect with anyone around the world. The hassle that comes with using wired telephones has vanished. Lo and behold! What will the future smartphone take over further in this realm!


Gone are the days when you needed an additional device to capture anything around you. Modern smartphones have raised their feat and have come up with the best cameras nowadays. You don’t need to carry a massive backpack for your camera while you travel – everything is momentary on our cell phones now. Considering picture quality and convenience – this isn’t a very disappointing type of innovation to be supplanted by a smartphone.

Alarm Clocks

When everything else is digital, why not our old-school alarm clocks! Smartphones have replaced manual alarm clocks with a more easy-to-use and melodious clock app. You can seamlessly configure your alarm clock in seconds. And, no, you will likely think a hundred times before smashing it away in the room.

TVs / PCs / Laptops / Tablets

Although smartphones cannot compare the sizes of the more giant screens, the quality comes in parallel. The screen quality of many top-of-the-line smartphones is phenomenal. You certainly don’t need another TV with a smartphone in your hand. No matter wherever you are, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your mobile phone, in your home, at work, during travel to a distant place, or even while commuting.

Admittedly, with the launch of new foldable and larger smartphones – the need for this single all-in-all device has increased too.


Some might contend that the experience of reading a book by going through page by page and the particular aroma of books with its delicate touch is unmatchable with that of graceless pushes of your finger on an electronic screen. But on the other hand, ebooks are still easy to carry around and are less expensive. Moreover, applications like Kindle and iBooks are perfect for managing your books on the go.


A flashlight is an essential tool for your household or even a utility item while you travel. Smartphones have a built-in flashlight to accompany you at your camping, traveling, or searching for a lost thing. There is no need to have an additional device for this purpose.


Your cell phone accompanies a calendar application that offers more options than a conventional one. It is easy to use, edit, and accessible. For example, you can set alarms for your upcoming events, send invites, or schedule meetings.


Writing and composing with pen and paper is probably too old to follow. On the other hand, we have our handheld devices with us 24×7, so why not make the best use of them? Smartphones have also replaced traditional notepads with the note-taking app. You might investigate probably the best note-taking applications, yet the one that accompanies your cell phone may be sufficient for our requirements.

Photo Albums

Every Android phone comes with an integrated Google Photos app. So you can store all your pictures without stressing over the capacity limit if you wouldn’t fret Google compacting your photographs.

Google Photos uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make stories, GIFs, albums, etc., without you doing anything.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards

Unless you are living under a rock, chances are you must be aware of the plastic money. Today’s smartphones have transformed the way we used to make transactions earlier. Almost all the places have accepted mobile payments / online transfers for years now. ATMs and credit/debit cards are ditching paper money and making our lives easier and hassle-free.

In a Nutshell

From cameras to personal assistants, GPS navigation devices, calendars, organizers, and many more – smartphones have replaced countless devices. It has undoubtedly evolved to be a one-stop solution for our daily life needs – making it much more manageable, convenient, and trouble-free. And it’s not yet finished here. So let’s wait and watch what the future of smartphones has in store for us.

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