Tips for Spotting Fake Complaints Against Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Tips for Spotting Fake Complaints Against Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Cancer is a dangerous disease that anyone would dread, but to go through this tough situation, there are many hospitals out there to help patients fight the disease by giving the right treatment.

Hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital are trying their best to treat cancer patients. But, a few competitors plot against such good hospitals, trying to defame them through fake reviews. These fake paid reviews are a big problem across the web. They are a kind of online fraud and the website has no way of knowing what is Fake Complaints and what is genuine. The problem with fake reviews is that it’s often hard to tell them apart from genuine reviews due to which the hospital had to face some Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaints. It’s important to know how to spot fake complaints. Here are a few tips to spot fake reviews.

Spotting Fake Reviews for Unhygienic Aspects of RGCH

Whether it’s a government or private hospital, they are always known for their hygiene level, especially in a city like Delhi. The best way is to pay a visit to the hospital and see for yourself how hygienic it is. This helps you check not only the hygiene aspect but can also help you meet a few cancer patients and get their feedback.

Look for Overly Dramatic Reviews

If a review is overly dramatic and filled with superlatives, it’s probably fake. Reviews should be honest and unbiased. Such a review will aim to steer the reader away from considering the hospital. So, if you notice any such reviews, stop reading and mark them as spam.

False Claims 

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital has been under false claims for allegedly taking advantage of people’s desperation for cancer treatment. The hospital has been accused of charging people for a lot of money without providing the promised treatments, which has resulted in people losing faith in the hospital. This kind of fake complaints can be disastrous for the people who still need help. If you have a feeling that it is a false claim, you can try to get the contact details of cancer patients who have got treated from RGCH and ask them in person about the treatment.

Repeated Reviews and Complaints 

Repeated reviews and complaints are fake. If you have gone through such repeated reviews, try avoiding them for your good. They are just to defame reputed hospitals like RGCH.

It is very important to get the right treatment at the right time if you want to combat cancer. It’s because if you wait for too long, you might be at a very high risk of losing your life. Do thorough research to trust genuine Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi Feedback, which can help you get treatment on time. If needed, take some time out to visit the hospital personally and check out for yourself. Evaluate the hospital based on various aspects like how the doctors treat patients, see the expertise of doctors (which is generally available online), facilities available at the hospital etc.

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