5 Tips to Enjoy Your Staycation in Singapore

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Staycation in Singapore

Staycation is one of the best choices to spend your holiday. You can plan a staycation for a quick or even a full-week holiday. Most importantly, the point of a staycation is to feel as if you got away. You can get this feeling perfectly by staying at a hotel and not doing your routine as usual.

So get your things ready and leave your daily routine for a holiday to get a perfect staycation. But before that, there are some tips and tricks to get your best staycation plan. Here you go!

Choose The Best Suits Your Needs

The hotel you book should make you feel the full holiday and enjoyment experiences with its service and facilities. Many hotels offer full facilities as you rent for a day and there are some that offer appealing staycation packages with breakfast and other amenities. Take yourself time to choose the best fit for you and your holiday.

Request for an additional time

Staycation is best when you can enjoy it long-lasting. If you don’t know, you can request an early check-in or late check-out for free. So, you can enjoy staying in your room longer and doing some activities with hotel facilities.

If you don’t feel satisfied, you can pay extra cash for an extension hour. You can request it at your booking time or at the middle of your daybreak. Remember, different hotels will offer you a different price for the extension.

Explore around your hotel

When looking for ideas on how to spend your minibreak, there’s no better time to explore the area where you’re staying. You can discover the best things and places to do around your hotel. If you have good luck, you may find a hidden gems restaurant or an authentic food stall with local tastes that give you unforgettable experiences.

Search for a hotel discount

The best thing about staying in a hotel is you can get many discounts from it. There are many platforms where you can get your discount or even free pax for staying. So don’t hesitate to take a little time to search for a discount price. Who knows, you may get many discounts for your staycation time.

Book the hotels from the application

The easiest way to book your hotel is by using a traveling application. With the tip of your finger, you can book the hotel that you want to spend the night or days in. You can also get yourself a plane booking, concerts, entertainment, or any ticket by using the application. They also get you a promo code for the cheaper prices.

So, that’s all some tips that you can do when you come to staycation in Singapore. Enjoy your best staycation experiences and book hotel deals Singapore only with Traveloka.

Guaranteed with the best price, you can choose any hotel you want anywhere in Singapore from budget hotels to 5-star hotels by looking at it from Traveloka Apps or website. Traveloka will give you various payment options methods from ATM transfer, credit card, internet banking, anything you want to pay.

For your complete enjoyment, you can get your special discount not only on the hotels but also for the flight in one place. Not only that, but you can also search for various hotel accommodations in Traveloka, which you can filter based on your needs during your holiday or staycation time in Singapore, to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

So, pack up and get yourself ready to book a hotel on Traveloka and get your most anticipated Singapore staycation moment.

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