Tips to Remove Wrinkles from Your Projection Screen

Tips to Remove Wrinkles from Your Projection Screen

Imagine that you are all set for the presentation in your company and you have turned on the projector. At that moment, you noticed that there were wrinkles on the projection screen. These wrinkles will ruin your entire presentation and your efforts.

It is imperative to get rid of these wrinkles to display appealing videos and images on the projection screen. Wrinkles on the screen will distort your images and videos.

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Tips To Eliminate Wrinkles from the Projection Screen

There are plenty of ways to get rid of the wrinkles from the free standing projector screen such as applying low heat to the backside of the projection screen with the help of iron or blow dryer, place the projection under direct sunlight, utilize a central heating system, etc.

These are some of the techniques which can help in reducing wrinkles on the projection screen. There are some other techniques such as applying tension and using a proper storage system.

  • Blow Dry From Backside

The best way to get rid of wrinkles is by applying heat through blow dry on the backside of the projection screen. While applying heat to the projection screen, you have to follow certain rules. You should not apply excessive heat because it can damage the material. While applying heat to the screen through blow dry, you should keep the screen tight.

While blow-drying, you should keep touching your screen to make sure that it will not get too hot. After that, you should let the projection screen cool down and make sure there are no wrinkles on it. Usually, a portable projection screen gets many wrinkles due to frequent installation and dismantling. You can use the blow dry technique to get rid of wrinkles from the projection screen.

  • Ironing

You can use iron for heating your projection screen. You should do it from the backside of the projection screen. Keep the setting of the iron at a minimum to make sure that the projection screen will not get damaged.

  • Place Projection Screen Under Sunlight

One of the simplest ways to get rid of the projection screen is by placing it directly under sunlight. It is a widely popular technique because it is the simplest out of all. But you may not implement this technique in your home theatre. Usually, we intentionally remove the sunlight from home theatres.

When you place the projection screen under direct sunlight then the warmth of sunlight will heat the screen and help in removing wrinkles. It is just like the blow-drying or ironing options which are listed above. Once the foldable projection screen will heat up, then particles of the screen will expand and it will help in flattening the screen.

  • Leverage Central Heating System

If there is a central heating system in your house or workplace, then you can utilize it for removing the wrinkles from your projection screen. While using the central heating system, you should also apply tension to it to get rid of the wrinkles.

  • Leverage The Tension Frame

You should use the tension frame while installing the projection screen on the wall. Also, you should mount it in the right position. It is important to make sure that your projection screens are the best for your home theatre environment.

We recommended you utilize the tension frame to stretch the projection screen. It will not lead to any damage to the projection screen and keep it stretched. It is the best way to remove the wrinkles from the projector screen.

  • Apply Weight/Pressure At The Bottom

If you have a pull-down projection screen and you do not want to install the tension frame, then you should apply the pressure at the bottom of the screen. The pressure can be applied at the bottom by hanging the projection screen or applying the controlled pressure on it. It is recommended to firmly set up the device which will help in removing the wrinkles.

The total time required to complete this process is more than other techniques. But it is simple to implement and you can easily get the desired results. You just need to find weights and integrate them at the bottom of the projection screen. Make sure that you carefully integrate them with your projection screen.

  • Use Careful Storage System

An inappropriate storage system also leads to wrinkles on the projection screen. Usually, the floor projector screen needs to pack up after displaying the video or presentation. Make sure you properly store the projection screen. Otherwise, it will lead to wrinkles on the screen.

You should invest in the perfect projection screen storage system. Well, it is not a way to get rid of wrinkles. But it can prevent wrinkles on the projection screen. If your storage system is up to the mark, then your projection screens will stay wrinkle-free.

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