Top 3 Must-Try Foods When In Singapore – Food Guide

Top 3 Must-Try Foods When In Singapore – Food Guide

Singapore food must try

There are many things to enjoy when in Singapore. But if we talk about the specialty, then FOOD is too good. You can find different local cuisine along with Chinese, India, Malay and others. Though there are a lot of dishes which you must try, but here we are going to mention only the top 3 must-try foods when in Singapore.

Barbecue is famous in the world and the same as in Singapore. Barbecue Singapore is delicious and spicy. Especially the tourists from Pakistan and Bangladesh enjoy this as they love spicy food.

Here are the top 3 must-try food in Singapore:

You will read about:

Chili crab

You can call this as the national signature of Singapore. Those who come to Singapore, Chili crab is the most wanted dish for them. In 2011, CNN GO compiled a list of 50 most delicious foods of the world, and Chili crab was at number 45.

Usually, it is eaten with the fried buns which are called “man-tou”. The dish prepared in the chili-based gravy and thick tomato and crabs is cooked in that gravy. Unlike its name, the chili crab is not much spicy. If you don’t like chili, you can also order crabs cooked in black pepper.


This is another great food that you can find in Singapore and must try. In simple words, it is a popular noodle soup which is spicy. It is made in the thick spicy gravy and has thick rice vermicelli.

Noodles in Katong Laksa are cut into small pieces and hence, the dish can be eaten with a single spoon. No need to use fork or chopsticks.

Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is a very famous and iconic dish of the region, especially of Singapore. It is also sold in Malaysia and Thailand. Rice prepared in the stock from the boiled rice which makes flavourful and oily rice. The steamed white chicken then cut into small pieces which are biteable and served with the fragrant rice.

Light soy sauce and sesame oil drizzled over and can be topped with sliced cucumber or spicy pickle (Achar).

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