Top 5 Smart TV Picks for Netflix Streaming and Your Chill Sessions

Top 5 Smart TV Picks for Netflix Streaming and Your Chill Sessions

Are you planning to invest in a new TV? If you are not very tech-savvy or not aware of the offered specs and features, this guide is going to help you!

Most of the TVs would run regular providers’ channel tiers such as Spectrum TV essentials. But for families, who have a bunch of streamers in the house, investing in a TV with impressive features to facilitate binge-streaming sessions is important. So let’s help you identify the features for an enhanced Netflix experience. You will also learn about our top Smart TV picks and their features like ease-of-use, and other specs.

Top 5 Smart TV for NetFlix Streaming

Smart TV Features for a Great Streaming Experience

Understanding all the offered features while buying a Smart TV can be overwhelming. Features like picture quality, pricing, TV type, and screen size are easy to research. But when it comes to an accurate measure of ease of use, durability, and true performance, not everyone can figure it out.

Here are some essential elements of our criteria that will make a TV qualify for a faster, optimal, and better viewing and streaming experience. To achieve a recommendation, smart TVs should have the following qualities:

  • It should be faster.
  • It should remember where you left off watching something.
  • Apps should launch fast.
  • Apps should be ready to use instantly.
  • Netflix should open and initialize quickly.
  • The Netflix app should be easy to find.
  • Preferably, there should be a Netflix button on the TV remote.
  • The latest Netflix movies and shows recommendations should always be fresh.
  • The Netflix interface should have a high resolution.
  • It should be optimized for interactive streaming sessions.
  • The browsing experience on Netflix should be quick.
  • It should have the latest functionality, clear images, and sharp text.

Top 5 Smart TV Picks for Binge-Streaming

Let’s take a swirl around our top Smart TV picks.

  1. Sony X950H.
  2. LG NANO85.
  3. TCL 6 SERIES/R625 2019.
  5. LG CX OLED.

Sony X950H

For a great 4K TV experience that delivers a vibrant and stunning HDR experience, invest in Sony X950H. You will be impressed by the impressive brightness and high peak colour gamut. It comes with a full array of local dimming so that you can further enhance the already impressive contrast ratio. This makes it a perfect pick for viewing in a dark room.

Moreover, it comes with excellent colour accuracy along with mind-blowing motion handling. However, there are a few downsides. One of the most disappointing things is that it lacks a variable refresh rate. In addition, the viewing angles are mediocre. So, if you have a wide seating arrangement, perhaps it’s not an ideal choice.

However, reflection handling and grey uniformity are quite improved.


This entrée is from the LG’s NanoCell lineup. The TV has a decent performance overall and you’ll get to enjoy an impressive out-of-the-box colour accuracy. However, the performance is not great in dark rooms. With the IPS panel, the viewing angles are wide and the reflection handling is pretty impressive for bright rooms.

Moreover, the response time is very quick. However, the duplication in motion can be distracting. It also has a low contrast ratio. The input lag is low overall and it responds to your actions very quickly. Therefore, it is a decent choice for a smart TV.

TCL 6 SERIES/R625 2019

You can enjoy your streaming sessions on this 4K LED of a whopping 65 inches. The performance is great when it comes to streaming services. The brightness and colour gamut are impressive. It comes with a VA panel that has an excellent contrast ratio.

The black uniformity is outstanding and you get to enjoy a full array of local dimming features. However, out-of-the-box colour accuracy is not impressive. Therefore, to enjoy it to the fullest, you may have to get it calibrated. For a 60Hz TV, it offers the rare feature of removing 24p judder from the source.


This incredible 4K LED comes in various sizes. You can pick from 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”. For those who worry about the permanent burn-in risk, you should prefer an LED TV. Samsung Q80T comes with impressive out-of-the-box accuracy and high-peak brightness. It also boasts of a VA panel that offers improved Ultra Viewing Angles.

However, the contrast ratio is not very impressive. The dimming feature helps in darkening the blacks. The TV uses a Samsung Tizen OS for the smart interface. It offers smooth navigation and ease-of-use. Moreover, the app store has tons of apps but with some uniformity issues. The HD content is crisp and impressive.


LG’s 4K OLED is an all-rounder and offers amazing performance. It is capable of turning off individual pixels and therefore, can create perfect blacks. For dark rooms, it is just perfect! For HDR content, it has a wide color gamut, impressive viewing angles, and more.

Other great things to consider are VRR (variable refresh rate), near-instant response time, and very low input lag.

Now that you have your Smart TV options in place, you can move to the next step of top internet plans to consider for your Netflix streaming sessions!

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