Top Attractions in New Zealand That You Shouldn’t Miss

Top Attractions in New Zealand That You Shouldn’t Miss

In a country that is smaller than Italy, you can find snowy mountains, ancient forests, active volcanoes, a desert, pristine beaches, and even glaciers. Visit New Zealand and immerse yourself in the fascinating Maori culture while also engaging in a wide range of adrenaline-pumping adventure activities on the country’s stunning islands.

New Zealand, one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, was also the setting for the blockbuster film The Lord of the Rings.

Three of New Zealand’s finest attractions are listed here.

Trek to the top of Mount Tongariro

To kick things off, we do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, widely regarded as the best day walk in New Zealand and also the world’s most breathtaking hikes. This journey is not for the faint of heart, as it entails a minimum of 8 hours of walking across a distance of 19.6 kilometers.

It’s normal to feel a little sore the next day. It’s true what they say: “The nicest view comes after the hardest climb,” and that’s certainly the case at the end of this arduous journey.

Beautiful scenery, such as emerald lakes, the red crater, the blue lake, soda springs, and of course, stunning mountains like Mount Ngaharura (or “Mount Doom”), awaits you at the end of this exciting walk.

The three-hour round-trip to Mount Tongariro and back is an extra supplement to the regular climb. During the winter months (December – February), hikers will find ideal conditions.

The weather in this area of New Zealand is similarly fickle, so you should hold off on your hike until you know what to expect. Open this link to get a New Zealand visa for Swedish citizens.

Visit a Maori Village and Learn About Their Culture

Maori are the original inhabitants of New Zealand, having settled in the country around a thousand years ago. The All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team, are widely credited for popularizing the Maori war dance known as “The Haka” around the globe.

Seeing it in person is the next best thing. And in all the Islands, there is no better place to immerse yourself in Maori culture than in a local village. Traditional Maori dance and gatherings known as Marae are on display. Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Northland are excellent sites to learn about Maori traditions and customs.

The Bay of Plenty is not only a great place to learn about and immerse yourself in Maori culture, but also a great place to see and experience several geothermal phenomena.

Visit the Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland outside of Rotorua to see and feel the geothermal action for yourself. The Hell’s Gate Geothermal Park is another must-see attraction. Get a New Zealand visa for Spanish citizens and visit this beautiful place in New Zealand with your family and loved ones.

The World’s Tallest Freestanding Tower in the Sky

As New Zealand’s most populous city, Auckland is home to Sky Tower, one of the world’s highest buildings. From the observation deck of the tower, you have a 360-degree panorama of the city below.

It also features a unique restaurant that rotates in all directions, so you and your loved ones may dine in style while taking in the sights of Auckland from the tower’s observation deck.

The best Sky Tower activities, which were covered in another article last month, are listed below for your perusal.

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