Top Things to Do in Singapore on Your First Visit

Top Things to Do in Singapore on Your First Visit

Singapore is a small island city-state with a lot of attractions for the tourists. People from different cultures live in Singapore. You can find beautiful beaches, pre-war building structures, modern buildings, shopping malls and much more.

Here is a list of top 3 things to do in Singapore on your first visit.

Spend a Day in Sentosa


It is a great island to spend a day. It is about 15 minutes away from the main city and considered one of the best playgrounds in Asia. The resort has a lot of attraction for everyone, especially for the kids.

This island is a historical place as well as after the second world war, the island was served as the military base. In the military museum of Fort Siloso, you can find old heavy weapons of the world war.

Journey to Sentosa from the mainland is an adventure itself as you can go by cable car. You can explore SEA Aquarium, Resorts World Singapore, Universal Studios and much more attractions on Sentosa island.

Visit Chinatown in Singapore

chinatown singapore

If you are interested to know about Chinese culture and traditions while you are not in China, then Chinatown Singapore is the best place to visit. You can walk in the old fashion streets, find Chinese culture and traditions, Chinese heritage, museum, old temples, shophouses, and family-run stores and tea houses.

You can find how was the early life in Singapore by going to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is another great thing to explore when you are in the Chinatown.

Visit Food Streets

Food Street Singapore

Food in Singapore is amazing and you can find different cuisine. For delicious foods, you must visit different food streets of Singapore and decide which one is the best. Check BBQ Catering Singapore for some tasty food or you can also visit the Chinatown food street for some Chinese food and noodles recipes.

You can find Indian food as well in Singapore and a food street where Muslims can find Halal food.

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