More than 1000 Ukrainian Orphans and Foster Children are in Turkey

More than 1000 Ukrainian Orphans and Foster Children are in Turkey

Turkey has become a safe haven for over 50,000 Ukrainians fleeing the conflict in their country, including more than 1,000 orphans and children in foster care.

Some of them have fled to the city of Antalya, which is located on the coast and was already home to a population of Ukrainians and Russians before the crisis began.

Here, Benja News had the opportunity to meet youngsters who had been rescued from danger and are now able to live thanks to the kindness of a group of Ukrainian merchants. Check Turkey visa online requirements here if you want to visit to see refugees in Turkey.

While Kirill, a Ukrainian refugee from Chernigov, was competing in a basketball game in the scorching heat of the sun in Antalya, he stated that he would much rather be back home with his loved ones.

They were concerned about me, and they didn’t want me to see the conflict if you know what I mean. Kirill said.

“They wanted to protect me emotionally, so that’s why they wanted me to depart, even if I wanted to be with them, even if it was risky,” she said. “But even if I wanted to stay with them, they insisted that I leave.”

Since the beginning of the war, Turkey has taken in more than one thousand foster children and orphans. Kirill is one of these youngsters.

They are currently waiting to go back to their homes in this hotel that is being watched over by Turkish law enforcement and the precise location of which must be kept a secret.

Ruslan Shozdak, the proprietor of a grocery and drug store chain in Ukraine, is their primary sponsor in Antalya. They are really grateful to him.

“We have been able to put this idea into reality thanks to our work in conjunction with the Ukrainian embassy in Antalya,” he said. “We are really grateful for their assistance.”

It’s astonishing how quickly everything came together, but just one month after the conflict began, Turkey had already signed all of the necessary agreements and been granted all of the necessary authorizations to welcome these children.

Check here Turkey visa online eligibility guideline. But as of today, we are requesting that they take responsibility for their own medical requirements.

Ruslan says he needs additional volunteers. Benja News was informed by the Turkish Ministry of Families and Social Services that the Turkish state is participating in its entirety.

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