Information About the United States of America Specifically For Kids

Information About the United States of America Specifically For Kids

Check out our USA Facts for Kids to learn some cool information about the United States of America, its history, its government, its people, its landmarks, and its geography.

The United States of America (USA) is, after Canada, the largest country in North America.

The United States (U.S.) is a confederation of fifty individual nations. Only one of the United States 50 states, Hawaii, is not on the North American continent but rather in the Pacific Ocean.

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Fascinating USA Facts for Kids

1.  The United States of America (USA) is a federal republic comprising 50 states, a federal district (the District of Columbia), and 14 territories on the continent of North America.

Only five of the United States fourteen territories are inhabited: Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. As the largest and most populous U.S. territory, Puerto Rico stands out.

2. A blue background is home to 50 white stars on a red, white, and blue flag that represents the United States.

The 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies that declared independence from the British crown in 1776, and the 50 stars represent the current 50 states of the United States.

3. “In God We Trust” is the national slogan of the United States.

4. The poem “The Star-Spangled Banner,” written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, serves as the inspiration for the words to the national anthem of the United States. You may read the entire song’s lyrics right here.

5. Some further American icons are:

  • American Bison, the National Mammal
  • Oaktree is our national tree.
  • The Bald Eagle, our national bird, and symbol
  • A Rose is Our National Flower
  • Country doesn’t have any official national sport of the USA

6. Washington, D.C., is the name of the nation’s capital. The initials “D.C.” refer to the capital city of the United States. About 7.5 million people call the nation’s capital home.

7. Seventh, both Canada, and Mexico are considered land-bordering partners of the United States. The border between the two countries is the longest in the world. Its length is 8,891 kilometers or 5,525 miles. The length of 3,145 km / 1,954 mi border between the United States and Mexico is the other international boundary of the United States. Both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans provide the United States with natural borders on the East and West.

8. Among the world’s top ten largest countries, the United States ranks number 3. If all landmasses and coastline and territorial waters are counted, the United States comes in smaller than Russia or Canada but larger than China.

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9. After China and India, the United States has the world’s third-largest population. There are around 338 million people currently residing in the United States. Nearly forty percent of the population resides in the East Coast states, while just roughly sixteen percent calls the West Coast home. The majority of people (83%) now reside in cities.

10. New York Metropolis, with a population of about 8.4 million, is the largest city in the United States.

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