Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab? Muslim Women Clothing

Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab? Muslim Women Clothing

why muslim women wear hijab

Many non-Muslims are curious to know that why most of the Muslim women wear a hijab, a square scarf or simply concealing their head and body with a piece of cloth. Well for their sake and to answer their query, one simple answer is it is commanded by God. In Islam God has set certain rules and regulations for all to follow and similarly certain dress code for both men and women, while wearing a hijab is one of them.

Let’s see what hijab means

If we go over the exact significance of hijab, it really means a curtain or a veil. This can be best identified by undertaking the concept of modesty. Although it is an Islamic approach yet beneficial for all women equally. As a woman and man meet they are bound to follow modesty in their speech, action and even etiquette. This is to keep a limitation between them and to keep society free from many consequent problems. Hijab is one of the means of reflecting modesty as girls with hijab are taken with respect.

To fulfill the command of Lord

Girls with hijab aim to please the creator by obeying His command. In turn, they enjoy the benefits of a respectable status in the society and stay protected from all evils of the smart set. Moreover, the girl with hijab distinguishes her from all other ordinary women with the square scarf on her head, unifying her in looks and obviously with modest traits that she possesses.

A guard to protect from societal evils

To justify themselves, all girls with hijab can quote the women exploitation fact. This is one of the worst practices, carried before the advent of Islam i.e. the days of ignorance an even in today’s so-called modern world. However, a girl wearing hijab is a symbol of piousness that guards her prestige and beauty against all evil and evil-minded men. This also gives a clear message that all her adornment and embellishment is just for her husband and no one else.

Hijab with Style

Although hijab is a religious binding yet wearing it in a nice way that suits one person has no harm in it. The latest hijab style 2018 is adopted by various women adopt her own way. Similarly, various forms as the square scarf or a simple veil are worn in different styles by women. This all makes them feel good, fulfill an obligation and still come up in a presentable manner. This, hijab styles 2018 ate good and highly appreciated till it holds back the true inwardness of the hijab.


In short the girls with hijab with either a head covering or a headscarf (square scarf), worn to hide their head know their limits. They know that only their husband is the one to whom they can bring out their beauty otherwise it plays havoc, both to society and the young lady herself. Camouflaging oneself not only brings protection, the blessing of God but also borrows you respect from all men as your scarf is your sign of modesty.

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